• Roasted Plum Bacon & Feta Salad

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    Roasted Plum Bacon & Feta Salad
    Prep: 15 min Cook: 15 min Servings: 2
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    I guess I am definitely in a "new cooking dimension," no longer afraid to try my own combinations - whether they turn out or not. This morning, I was looking for something to do with 3 plums I bought at the store, some smoked bacon and a bit of feta cheese. In my opinion, when it comes to fruits, plums are the un-sung heroes of the produce section - they just look beautiful even stacked up at the store, don't they? I found a recipe, originally designed as a dinner side salad, using goat cheese instead of feta, but modified it for my experimentation as a morning meal. Intentionally, I purchased plums that were quite firm, not yet ripe, so meal turned out a bit tart. Watch for that. Also, at the last minute, I threw in some diced tomatoes, but wouldn't repeat that next time, and so have not included as ingredient here.


    • 3-4 fresh plums
    • 1 teaspoon plus 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, separated
    • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
    • 1/2 teaspoon salt
    • 3 cups mixed spring lettuces - here is where I substituted tomatoes, but next time, am going to use spring greens
    • 3-4 pieces of smoked, thick cut bacon, fried and crumbled
    • 2 ounces goat or feta cheese, crumbled


    1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.
    2. Pour the teaspoon of olive oil into a glass baking dish. Cut the plums in half and remove the pits. Place them first cut side down in the baking dish, to allow some of the oil to rub off on the cut sides, then cut side up.
    3. Roast in the oven for about 15-20 minutes, until they are slightly caramelized and have released some of their juices. Remove the plums to a plate and set aside.
    4. Pour the lemon juice into the baking dish and whisk with a fork until combined with the juice. Add the olive oil and salt. Pour the finished dressing into a serving receptacle.
    5. To serve, original recipe stated - place equal portions of lettuce and goat cheese on each plate. Garnish with two plums and top with dressing. Serve immediately.
    6. I did as follows - placed plums on plate sprinkled crumbled bacon and feta over top, followed by lightly drizzling dressing over the whole

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