• Payasam Recipe

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    Payasam Recipe
    Prep: 20 min Cook: 2 hours Servings: 10
    by anita mokashi
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    Authentic south indian dessert


    • 3 cups split yellow moong dal
    • 5 cups jiggery
    • 5 cups coconut milk
    • 2 tbsp cardamom and ginger powder
    • 5 tbsp ghee
    • 1 cup cashewnuts and raisins


    1. Heat 2 tbsp ghee in a pan. Add moong dal and roast till it changes color to light brown.
    2. Add water and cook the dal in pressure cooker.
    3. Now take another pan. Add jaggery and water. Let it boil.
    4. Transfer the cooked dal to heavy bottomed pan and smash it properly.
    5. It should become like paste.
    6. Now add half of the coconut milk in it.
    7. Mix it properly.
    8. Add the jaggery syrup in the moong dal and coconut milk mixture.
    9. Mix everything well.
    10. Now transfer this mixture to gas.
    11. Add some ghee. Let it boil.
    12. Keep on stirring frequently.
    13. Now add the remaining coconut milk and continue boiling the mixture.
    14. Take another vessel. Heat ghee in it.
    15. Add cashwenuts and raisins.
    16. Fry till they become light brown in colour.
    17. Pour them in the moong dal mixture.
    18. Sprinkle the cardamom and ginger powder and mix everthing well.
    19. Simmer the payasam on medium-low heat about 20 to 30 minutes, until it reaches thick, creamy consistency. Serve warm or cold.
    20. Serve it hot!

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