• Exotic Indian Rice Pudding (slow cook recipe)

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    Exotic Indian Rice Pudding (slow cook recipe)
    Prep: 1 hours Cook: 2 hours Servings: 4
    by Amrita
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    In India Rice Pudding is called "Kheer". For this dessert use the best quality rice you have.It must be long grain basmati and must have a wonderful aroma,so it is important you go finding the best brand. If you don't have good basmati rice you can still make it but then the taste and aroma wont be fabulous,also the small grain rice will break and turn into a lump.You do not want that. For this dish i also insist on using full cream milk and good quality saffron.


    • 5 cups milk
    • 1 cup rice (soaked 2 hours)
    • sugar to your taste,i added 2 cups
    • saffron a few strands
    • almonds and cashews about 10/12 each


    1. Start by soaking basmati rice for 2 hours.
    2. Then in a thick bottom pan add the milk and soaked rice,cook on low heat for 1 hour,please dont forget about stirring it every 15 min or else it will get stuck to the bottom of the pan,then its goodbye to Rice pudding.The rice will turn soft in an hour.
    3. After 1 hour of cooking add crushed cardamom pods.
    4. cook for half hour more and add saffron strands mixed with little milk(optional).I did add a tiny bit.
    5. Don't forget to stir in between,by now the milk will be thick,now its time to add the sugar,add it to your taste.
    6. In another pan add 4 tsp ghee(clarified butter) or butter and saute almonds and cashews till light brown,add it to the rice pudding..keep boiling for 5/10 min more.Now it is done.
    7. You can cook it on very low heat for another hour if you want it a bit more thick and creamy.

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