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Frank Fariello
Lawyer by day, cook by night
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About me

I am an international lawyer with a passion for good, simple but well-prepared food. In my food blog Memorie di Angelina, inspired by my grandmother's wonderful home cooking, I draw on my Italian heritage, my international life experience in New York, Rio, Paris, Vienna and, above all, ten wonderful years in Rome. I now live in Washington, DC.

Besides the Italian food of my own cultural background, I also enjoy French and Chinese cuisine. I am an inveterate dim sum maven, can't get enough noodle soup and dream about a hearty cassoulet on a cold winter's eve. But let me not forget my passion for great sushi and fondness for real Mexican food.

I author a food blog called Memorie di Angelina, inspired by the wonderful home cooking of my Italian grandmother. I also administer a Facebook recipe exchange club called Gnocchi ai funghi.

Looking forward to enjoying this vibrant community of professional and home chefs!

Cooking Influences

My grandmother Angelina, still the best cook I've ever known!


  • Debbie Ferrante Vallante
    Thank you , brings back wonderful memories that I had long forgotten over the years
    • Elaine
      I have followed you now for over a year, and of all the claimed Italian cooks, I felt compelled to share that your recipes for genuine Italian cuisine and exceptional. I can say this since I am Italian on both sides of my family, and grew up with a similar (slightly more aged) family heritage--cook, eat and have fun with affection. The ladder of course is the best ingredient.
      • Frank Fariello
        Frank Fariello
        Thanks so much for your kind words, Elaine!
      • springwater likens ocoee
        springwater likens ocoee
        your recipes are delicious,thanks springwater,indiana
        • ilondabanks
          hello everyone diz ilonda banks
          • Bobby Lovera
            Bobby Lovera
            Yo Frank come see some of my recipes... But don't whine about my Carbonara.
            I'll be trying some of your's this weekend.
            • RAUL B. ABELLA
              RAUL B. ABELLA


              RAUL B. ABELLA
              • TinaTilapis
                ty for the follow...I am also in law school -I guess now is as good a time as any to take out my Learn Italian by Primsleur! :-)
                • Deena
                  Loved the Artisan Bread recipe. I will be trying that one soon!
                  • ormaistanco35
                    Caro Frank, ringrazio per l'invito, ma purtroppo il mio inglese non mi permette di seguirti.
                    Conosco bene il francese e un poco lo spagnolo, ma la lingua che tu usi è sempre stata
                    per il mio orecchio difficile. Mi dispiace veramente. Auguri.
                    • Brenda Nash-Milton
                      Brenda Nash-Milton
                      thank-you for inviting me to the French Group. I posted a new receipe if you dare to venture.

                      • marlis wortmann
                        marlis wortmann
                        per chi a le ricette per polenta, mi faresti un grande piacere,
                        grazie marlis
                        • Frank Fariello
                          Frank Fariello
                          Cara Marlis, Sul mio blog ci sono varie ricette per la polenta, per esempio la polenta con salsicce e spuntature:, una pietanza tipicia romana...oppure per chi preferisce non mangiare carne, la polenta pasticciata con fagioli e verza:

                          Buon appetito!
                          • marlis wortmann
                            marlis wortmann
                            grazie, franco, lo provero, se ti viene in mente altre cosa, manda me lo, ti auguro una splendita vita, salute marlis wortmann
                          • marlis wortmann
                            marlis wortmann
                            ciao franko
                            scusa mio scritto italiano
                            io sto facendo una polenta take away, e mi farebbe molto piacere se potresti dar me altri riceti per la polenta, oltre che salsic. coniglio , pollo e manzo, qual cosa vegetariana ? la cacia gione qui non ce, grazie marlis wortmann
                            • Doriano GRILLI
                              Doriano GRILLI
                              Contento di conoscerti, e seguirti nella tua ricerca della buona cucina ITALIANA ,spero di contribuire, e se proverai una mia ricetta vorrei un giudizio legale Ha Ha Ha.
                              Salutoni Grilli D oriano
                              • ormaistanco35
                                Grazie per l'invito, ma debbo rifiutare per la mia scarsa conoscenza della lingua inglese dato che
                                parlo solo l'italiano, il francese e un poco la spagnolo. Saluti e auguri. ormaistanco
                                • marie
                                  hi let me have your recipes and ingredients to try new food for my family
                                  • Lindaonwheels
                                    Sorry, I forgot to add that Amos suggested that I ask you if you had any VERY simple recipes that would be suitable for my site. Would you please share to get my site up and running? I don't think there is another site here dedicated to disabled cooks. Think of yourself suddenly in a wheelchair. What would you serve?
                                    You would have reduced endurance, reduced arm strength and mobility problems. I put a link to one of my Blogs on Post Polio Syndrome about cooking from a wheelchair on "Tips and Helpful Hints"......
                                    • Frank Fariello
                                      Frank Fariello
                                      OK Linda! Let me think about it... I'll try my best to put myself in that situation and get back to you.
                                    • Lindaonwheels
                                      Amos Milkler suggested that I follow you to get suggestions on how to construct my new page: Disabled, but Still Cooking. I have been doing this for exactly 2 days and am hooked!
                                      • Phyllis Smith
                                        Phyllis Smith
                                        Frank, in my fantasy I live in Umbria, and in fact will be there in less than 2 months. I have no actual Italian blood but i married a 1/2 Siciliano and in my heart I am an Italian girl. Ask anyone who knows me.

                                        Looking forward to seeing what you're cooking.
                                        • Frank Fariello
                                          Frank Fariello
                                          Phyllis, Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to exchanging recipes with you--and enjoy your time in Umbria, it's a wonderful place. If you're interested in the food of Umbria, don't miss the recipes from Letizia Mattiacci here on CES! Cheers, Frank
                                        • JOHN MSANGI
                                          JOHN MSANGI
                                          good byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
                                          • JOHN MSANGI
                                            JOHN MSANGI
                                            thank you very i think we can share very well
                                            • Amos Miller
                                              Amos Miller
                                              Hey, Frank - I just put up a 'salty' response to your comment on the Tips page. I signed on to Memorie di Angelina yesterday, so I guess that makes me the 10,001th subscriber! I hope we can share much in the time to come. Best regards - Amos
                                              • Frank Fariello
                                                Frank Fariello
                                                Hey, Amos! Thanks for stopping by. And thanks a whole lot for subscribing to Memorie di Angelina looking forward to exchanging recipes and all that! I plan to do the salt test today as I have both kosher and sea salt in the house.

                                                (And by the way, thanks for reminding me to update my status. It was really out of date; the blog now has over 17,500 followers! But I won't post about it until I get to 20,000...)
                                              • lorejae
                                                Hi Frank thank you for accepting my friendship request. I am new to this site, so am looking forward to trying new recipes, and making friends. Lorejae
                                                • Frank Fariello
                                                  Frank Fariello
                                                  Hello, lorejae! And welcome to CES! Hope you like it and looking forward to sharing recipes!
                                                • Mary Jane Gordon
                                                  Mary Jane Gordon
                                                  My name is Mary Gordon. I am 36, single, take care of my mom, and going to college studying computer animation. I also have diabetes and asthma. Do you have and recipe ideas for me that I could leave for her while I am gone and to take with me while I am at school.
                                                  • Frank Fariello
                                                    Frank Fariello
                                                    Mary, Wow, that's a lot of responsibility on your shoulders! Anyway, if your Mom can do some simple cooking tasks like reheating or popping something in the oven, then your task becomes a lot easier. Any sort of soups and stews can be reheated--in fact, they're much better made ahead. And you can also make gratineed dishes up to the point they go into the oven, and she can pop they in the oven just before she wants to eat. As for recipes, take a gander of some of mine. I think you'll find that most of them (except for the pastas) would be fine made ahead.
                                                  • Brooke
                                                    i'm new to this site got any pointers?
                                                    • Frank Fariello
                                                      Frank Fariello
                                                      Not too many, Brooke. I'm no expert about how this site works, to be honest. But in my opinion the best way to enjoy this site is through the various groups that have been formed. This way you get alerts about new recipes and can share yours, too, more easily. Other than that, not much to say... it's a fun site, not nearly as commercial as most of the others, and so more enjoyable IMHO.
                                                    • carolanne milidoni
                                                      carolanne milidoni
                                                      Grazie tanti Frank for inviting me into your group Bologna la grassa, your cooking reminds me of my mother inlaw down south of italy, Happy Cooking and i am looking forward to trying your gorgeous dishes.
                                                      • Frank Fariello
                                                        Frank Fariello
                                                        Hello carolanne and welcome to the group! And thanks for your kind words about my recipes! Cheers and Happy Cooking to you, too!

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