• Tuyo (Dried Fish)

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    This is a typical Filipino viand, It is known to be food for the poor. However, I like eating them every now and then. It is a sun dried salty fish that tastes better when dipped in a spicy vinegar called sinamak.


    • 1 kilo Tunsoy Fish (small)
    • 1 kilo rock salt
    • 1 gallon fresh water


    1. Clean up the fresh fish with fresh water and drain for 20 minutes.
    2. All fishes are gutted, salted liberally and brined for 3 hours.
    3. Brine solution : mix 1gallon of water with 1kilo of salt.
    4. Wash off the excess salt and line them up in a wire screen mesh to sun dry and air dry for two to three days.
    5. Turn the fish over every hour or two for even drying.
    6. Once all dried, we keep them in an air tight storage to keep the salty-smell lingering in the house
    7. To COOK:
    8. Heat a shallow pan and add canola oil.
    9. Once hot, put the tuyo fish and fry until desired crispness.
    10. 2 minutes on each side will give the right crisp.
    11. Serve with fried rice with garlic and sinamak for dip.
    12. *I usually like to dip in cane vinegar with crushed garlic and chili.

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