• The Best Sausage Breakfast Sandwich EVER

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    Servings: 6 sandwiches
    by Jennifer Blair
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    I started sending these to work with my other half for breakfast. One day I needed to get rid of an extra sandwich so I sent one to his co-worker. Now I have to make these for both of them everyday. They just LOVE them. His co-worker tells everybody he knows about these things.They are so simple to make that on the weekends my 8yo son does it(with my supervision of course).


    • 1 lb very mild breakfast sausage(pork)
    • 1 Cup hashbrowns
    • 1/2Cup onion


    1. Mix everything together very well. Make thin patties(I spray aluminum foil with cooking spray,fold it half into with the meat in the center & press the meat as thinly as possible pull the top part of the foil off & then shape it into a patty)fry in a little oil to get them started; just a drizzle.Cook on both sides until thoroughly cooked.
    2. You can use any bread you prefer we use English Muffins or Croissants.
    3. I also add cheese & a fried egg on top.

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