• Sweet and Sour mini meatballs

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    Servings: 12 3 oz.
    by Erin Bergman
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    This is an easy semi home made recipe that can be made up to two days ahead and then reheated. It is actually better the next day because the fat is easier to remove and the flavor soaks into the meatballs over night.


    • 1-8oz. jar of either current or grape jelly. Grape makes it sweeter.
    • 1- 16oz. jar of chili sauce. It MUST be chili sauce, not cocktail.
    • 2 lbs. 80% chopped beef. You can substitute turkey if you like.
    • Assortment of seasonings and spices- to your own taste. I generally use garlic powder, onion powder, and occasionally a dash of either cinnamon or nutmeg.
    • 2 cups of rice.or a package of wide egg noodles.


    1. 1. In a large mixing bowl mix up the ground meat and seasoning and then roll them into 1/2 in. diameter meatballs. Place them into a dutch oven, or a 5 quart pot.
    2. 2. After all the meat is finished place pot on stove on very low flame or low heat.
    3. 3. Add the jar of Jelly.
    4. 4. Pour the chili sauce over the jelly and meatballs.
    5. 5. Cover and let simmer for about 20 min. then gently swirl pot to mix up the ingredients together.
    6. 6. You can open the pot now and gently stir. At this time the meatballs may still be fragile, but after another twenty minutes they can be stirred harder so they will not stick to bottom of pot.
    7. 7. At this time you can cook the rice as per box instructions, or let the meatballs cook for a full 90 minutes, set aside to cool then refrigerate overnight so that in the morning you can remove the hardened fat. If you want to eat them that night you will need to skim as much fat from the top as you can. Tastes great as a cocktail item, just place the mini meatballs in a bowl with toothpicks in them.

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