• Spring Quiche

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    Servings: 12
    by Gretchen Wasniewski
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    This fantastic recipe makes two beautiful pies in about 45 minutes including cooking. It combines your protein and your vegetables and all the fattening cream is gone! You can use any vegetable, just steam first so it doesn't make your quiche watery. The basic quiche recipe stays the same, just add whatever you like, some spinach, zucchini, a little crumbled bacon, some chopped ham...Spring!


    • Basic Quiche
    • 2 store bought whole wheat pie crusts, defrosted
    • 6 large eggs
    • 8 oz. Swiss cheese grated
    • 1-2/3 cups Plain Greek yogurt
    • 1/2 t salt
    • 1/4 t pepper
    • Asparagus Quiche
    • 4 cups sliced, steamed asparagus
    • 4 T chopped fresh chives


    1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees
    2. Chop and steam asparagus just until crisp tender.
    3. Drain and cool.
    4. Whisk 6 eggs and 1-2/3 cups Greek yogurt until very smooth
    5. Add grated cheese, chives, salt and pepper and whisk until combined.
    6. Put cooled asparagus in the bottom of 2 pie shells
    7. Pour egg mixture over top of the asparagus
    8. Bake at 450 degrees for 20-25 minutes until firm and lightly browned.
    9. Cool pies for 5 minutes before cutting.

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