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    by Barbara Ferrell
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    Fudge no longer has to be difficult to make. Decades ago, I got this recipe from the Condensed Milk Can. Haven't found it for many years. It always works without complicating the process or using candy thermometers. The brands have gyped consumers on the ounces, from 16 ounces to just over 14. This threw off the recipe. I still use 18 ounces of chocolate chips, but have to weigh it as chip makers are too skimming off the top from 16 ounces to 11 to 12 ounces. Those are the only two ingredients. Anything else, is what the cook wants to add. I have added toasted walnuts, about 1 ounce of cream cheese, a shot of rum or brandy, and a dash of Cayenne Pepper.


    • 16 to 18 ounces of chocolate chips, either white, milk, or dark.
    • 1 can condensed milk
    • 1 cup toasted walnuts (optional)
    • 1 ounce cream cheese (optional)
    • 1/8 teaspoon of rum extract (optional). This option works best w/dark chocolate chips. I've used orange extract and it was yummy.


    1. Melt chips in double boiler (can use small pan over larger one filled with about 3 inches of water.
    2. When melted stir in condensed milk.
    3. When mixed, add optional ingredients. Be sure to melt chips fully before adding any extract or tiny amount of liquid booze or the chips will seize up.
    4. When mixed, pour into 8" x 8" non-stick pan. Even if the pan is non-stick, it is best to line it with wax paper. It can be pulled out easily, and cut into pieces easily.
    5. Put into Frig and cool until solid.
    6. Pull out of pan onto cutting board, and cut into equal 1 inch pieces.

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