• Ruby's H.'S Turkey Dressing

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    • 8 hard boiled Large eggs, minced & diced
    • 8 raw Large eggs, beaten thoroughly
    • 3 long stalks minced celery hearts
    • 3 big white onions, minced
    • Salt & pepper to taste
    • 1 tbsp. poultry dressing
    • 1 tbsp. sage


    1. From cooked turkey, use sufficient broth liquid to blend; must save at least 4 c. of broth for Giblet Gravy. Can use boiling warm water with broth to prevent dryness of dressing. Crumble breads, add in minced onions, celery and hard boiled Large eggs. Mix well. Use clean hands and fold in large Dutch oven.
    2. Pour in beaten Large eggs. Add in seasonings. Then pour in warm turkey broth. Stir with large ladle. When mixed well. Place dressing mix on low fire, cover and let slowly come to a boil. Taste for seasoning - add in if needed. When celery and onions are soft. Stuff into and around turkey. Pack on sides and top of bird. Place in preheated oven for 1 hour at 400 degrees. Check twice during cooking, adding extra dressing on top of bird each time.

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