• Reuben Hot Dog

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    Reuben Hot Dog
    Prep: 5 min Cook: 2 min Servings: 1
    by Glenn
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    Super fast microwave treat combining Americana and class on a bun. Admittedly I stole the idea from my local hardware store (which happens to have a fine cafe inside it) but I have made it microwave fast. You can be enjoying a gustatorial treat in just minutes.


    • 1 Hot Dog
    • 1 Fork full Sauerkraut (generous)
    • 1 Slice Swiss Cheese (or 3 tbs of grated Swiss)
    • 3 tbs Thousand Islands Dressing
    • 1 Hot Dog Bun


    1. Wrap a hot dog in a paper towel and set into microwave.
    2. Put one large fork full of sauerkraut (canned, bagged or frozen) into a small microwaveable bowl and set next to hot dog.
    3. Microwave on high for two minutes.
    4. Place bun on a plate and prepare it to receive a hot dog when done.
    5. Place a slice of Swiss cheese on the bun or sprinkle bun with grated Swiss cheese.
    6. CAREFULLY unwrap the hot dog and place in bun over cheese.
    7. Top with Thousand Islands Dressing.
    8. Cover with sauerkraut.
    9. Enjoy! And repeat as necessary.

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