• Peppers and sausage

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    Prep time:
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    Servings: 400
    by william ruiz
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    • 1 gal olive oil
    • 30 lbs onion chopped roughly
    • 15 lbs red peppers seeded and diced
    • 15 lbs yellow peppers seeded and diced
    • 15 lbs green peppers seeded and diced
    • 7 gallon canned tomatoes diced
    • 100 lbs italian sausage
    • 1c dried hot chilli flakes
    • Salt and pepper to taste


    1. Add your olive oil first to a hot frying pan, Add your onions and cook until they start to change color, then add your colored peppers and cook until soft.
    2. Turn gas down to medium you don't want to burn your onion mix.
    3. Add your sausage, chilli and tomatoes. mix together and stirring occasionally.
    4. Put a lid on your pan turning the gas down to a med simmer for 15 minutes.
    5. Just to the end adding salt and pepper to taste.

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