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    Are you looking for the best, yet easy, homemade hummus recipe?Homemade hummus is so easy to make and most people like it. The weather has been warm enough to invite family and/or friends to our deck for some casual outdoor dining. Homemade hummus is usually one of the appetizers that I like to serve to give guests when they get here to give them a chance to mingle and take the edge off their appetite before the meal.  My new updated hummus recipe is light and creamy, absolutely delicious, and is always a hit! My deck and chairs and table My peonies are in full bloom  Influenced by recipes from our Middle Eastern heritage, I am happy to share what I consider my best homemade hummus recipe.  I still like the recipes that I've  previously shared with you on the blog. However, I'm always modifying my chickpea hummus recipe, so it is easier to make, uses less ingredients, and contains less calorics making this recipe heart healthy, weight watchers friendly, and oil free. Of course all of my recipes are always gluten-free and now totally vegan since 2019.  One easy way to reduce the calories is to reduce the fat. I did that in this recipe without sacrificing taste. I had 5 test tasters for this recipe and all concurred that is was a "5" out of 5!! (Included my 2 older grandkids) This recipe calls for only five ingredients: Cooked chickpeas, whole sesame seeds, aquafaba (the starchy liquid that is a result of cooking dry chickpea or the liquid in the can of chickpeas) freshly squeezed lemon juice, and whole cumin seeds (plus any seasoning you like such as salt, pepper, or garlic powder).  I Use Sesame Seeds Instead of Tahini PasteYou may have noticed that this delicious recipe omits one of the  traditional ingredients in hummus- tahini !I do like the taste of the thick white tahini paste, but did you ever open a container of it? It's swimming in oil. For this recipe, I've eliminated  the intensely caloric tahini from my recipe. However, I brought the sesame flavor back in with some whole sesame seeds.  Great Flavor Truthfully, I was surprised that I could leave out the tahini and still create a great  authentic tasting hummus that was simple and healthy. I used my food processor and processed everything until I reached a very light, smooth, and creamy whipped consistency. The aquafaba (cooking liquid from the chickpeas)  is the secret. It really adds a lovely flavor and a little extra starch to the recipe. At the end, I always love to garnish the dip with some whole cooked chickpeas and a little salt.  If you are looking for a healthy dip to serve to company or as a snack for yourself- THIS IS IT!! It feels like summer!! Ingredients: 2 cups of cooked chickpeas (or one 15 ounce can)(save 6 chickpeas for garnish) 2 tablespoons of whole sesame seeds1/4 cup of cooking liquid from the chickpeas or can (aquafaba)1/4 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice1 tablespoon of cumin seeds (plus more for garnish)Optional: salt, ground pepper, or garlic powder to taste Directions: Place the sesame seeds and chickpeas in the food processor. Pulse until begins to come together. With the motor running, slowly begin to add the lemon juice. Then add as much of the aquafaba as needed to get a thick yet creamy whipped consistency. (you may only need a tablespoon of the 1/4 cup). Add the cumin seeds and pulse once. Spread on a flat plat, decorate with a few chickpeas and additional cumin seeds if desired.  My Notes:  Tahini contains 90 calories/tablespoon. 8 grams of fat and 2 grams of fiber  Sesame seeds contain 52 calories/tablespoon, 1.6 grams of fat and 1.06 grams of fiber  My friend Laura spills off all the oil from her tahini paste to reduce the calories leaving thick dry paste. This recipe is oil-free, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, -perfect for most of your guests. 

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