• Korean Pickled Vegetables with Garlic

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    Korea is a kingdom for pickles; it has more than 100 kinds of pickles. Every year, Korea exports all kinds of pickles to many countries of the world. The pickles have white and red colors; the taste is sour, hot, salty and sweet. Garlic is the basic material to make pickles; Chinese garlic is the most popular in Korea.


    • Chinese cabbage 2000g,
    • garlic 800g,
    • leeks 800g,
    • pepper of 50g,
    • red pepper 150g,
    • ginger 150g,
    • beef soup 15000ml,
    • tasteless brown sauce 150g,
    • gourmet powder 10g,
    • white sugar 400g,
    • salt 250g.


    1. Wash the garlic, leeks, ginger and red pepper, clean and make them mince, get rid of the root of the Chinese cabbage, and cut it two pieces, clean it and leave it for a while, and then, put it into the porcelain jar, put the salt and pepper onto it and cover the jar.
    2. After one day, take the cabbage out and wash it clean, control to the water, put the cabbage into the jar again layer by layer, and put some garlic mince between each two layers.
    3. Mix leeks, garlic, pepper, beef soup, white sugar, gourmet powder, brown sauce together equally and put them into the jar, cover the jar, the jar can be kept in a place with zero temperature or in a fridge, the food can be eaten after 3 days.

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