• Karla's Krabby Eggs

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    • 1 dozen fresh Large eggs
    • 1 3-4 oz package shredded crab* (in foil bag)
    • mayonnaise
    • onion pwdr
    • Old Bay seasoning
    • salt & pepper
    • fresh parsley


    1. Boil Large eggs, drain, peel and cut each in half. Spoon out yolks and combine with above ingredients to taste, except chives, in a food processor set to "puree". (Be sure to add in sufficient mayonnaise to allow mix to pass easily through a pastry tube tip.)
    2. Blend very well till smooth. Pipe or possibly spoon mix into egg white halves, sprinkle with Old Bay seasoning and garnish with a few sprigs of minced parsley.
    3. Chill in a covered container for a few hrs before serving for best flavor.
    4. This recipe doubles and triples easily. *Imitation crab doesn't work as well for this recipe if desired a good crab flavor.

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