• Italian Baked Mashed Potato Croquettes

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    A very delicate crunch and hardly no fat to worry about baking them instead of frying. Grandma's recipe adapted to a healthier new way! Still full of flavor! Love potatoes? This is a must try!


    • Potatoes
    • Bread crumbs
    • garlic


    1. see link below for recipe click on link for instructions.....

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    • kathy gori
      kathy gori
      yummm! great going Claudia. these look tasty!
      • Daydreamer Desserts
        Daydreamer Desserts
        I can't wait to try these!
        • Susan
          Fab recipe! I love panko anything! Very creative!
          • Claudia lamascolo
            Claudia lamascolo
            thank you!
          • liz
            Incredibly delicious!
            • Shaiana Twain
              I really love site hopping, along the way, I've seen that Gourmandia is a good source of recipes and even video recipes, too! Really a site worth visiting!
              • sami


                • ShaleeDP
                  I like potatoes. I like however dish it is :D
                  • Wendi Taylor
                    Wendi Taylor
                    This looks really good. I just wish you'd consider putting your recipes here instead of on an external site, so I can read them on my itouch :-)
                    • sansonetti
                      ma langue préférée est l'Italien
                      • judee
                        Looks really good and could easily be made gluten free breadcrumbs. I love that they are baked.
                        • Claudia lamascolo
                          Claudia lamascolo
                          thanks Judee!
                        • Mary Mount
                          Mary Mount
                          Can anyone let me know what kind or the name of the grating cheese I should use?
                          Thank you all so much
                          • Claudia lamascolo
                            Claudia lamascolo
                            Pecorino Romano would be a good choice.
                          • Organic Cocktail Recipes
                            Organic Cocktail Recipes
                            Thanks for this recipe. Looks wonderful. I always preferred baked vs fried.
                            • Shirley
                              Great idea, baking them, definitely healthy. I've never thought of adding cheese to the bread crumbs. Thats creative!

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