• Hutterite White Buns

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    Prep time:
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    Servings: 96
    by Carolyn Hofer
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    Recipe for 2 quarts white buns


    • Water 4lbs
    • White Flour 7lbs
    • Powder Milk 0.12oz
    • Lard 0.66oz
    • Sugar 0.66oz
    • Honey 0.28oz
    • Salt 0.14oz
    • Instant Yeast 0.18oz


    1. Mix dry ingredients together. Add cool water, honey and lard,don't use vegetable oil instead of lard. Lard should be thick,not watery,have it refrigerated till you need it.Mix at speed 2 for 20 minutes,or until dough warms to 80-84 F.let rise 1 hour and then knead dough down,let rise 1 more hour then cut into desired sizes and roll dough,let rise 2 hours before baking at 300 F for 20 minutes,or until they have a nice brown color.Let buns cool before packaging. With 2 quarts you get 96 buns.Enjoy:-)I use a digital scale to measure ingredients.

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