• Hot Ox Bone Marrow with Chinese Garlic

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    Bone marrow is the essential part of a bone, it is a pioneering work to take it out and make it a good dish. Bone marrow can help with adding kidney essence and profiting lung.


    • Ingredients:
    • ox bone marrow 500g,
    • Chinese garlic 100g,
    • some dry red pepper as needed.


    1. Directions:
    2. ①cut the ox bone marrow into segments, and put the segments into boiled water for a second, take the segments out and put them into the soup with cooking wine, salt, scallion and Chinese garlic.
    3. ②dip the done ox bone marrow into egg liquid and bread bran, and put them into hot oil until the color turns golden.
    4. ③mince the garlic, cut the red pepper into shreds, make them minced garlic in a round-bottomed frying pan, together with some seasonings, finally, put the fried ox bone marrow in and stir-fry all these things together.

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