• Hot Cross Bun French Toast

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      Happy Easter weekend!  How can you tell its a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK.  The Traffic going out of town towards the coast on the Motor Way is horrendous!  And it's raining.  LOL  Most Bank Holidays come accompanied with copious amounts of rain.  For all these reasons, Todd and I never go anywhere on a Bank Holiday weekend, except for church!   On Thursday we had to take a meal to a family who just had a baby this past week, and let me tell you, at 3 PM on Thursday afternoon, the traffic flow towards Flint was bumper to bumper, and after we had dropped it off and were on our way back home, the traffic moving into Flint (and towards the coast) was at a virtual stand still.  Not my idea of a holiday!     We usually just spend Bank Holidays around the house relaxing, and enjoying some good nosh.  Tastiness such as this Hot Cross Bun French Toast is just the ticket to enjoy for an Easter Weekend Breakfast!   I cannot claim to have thought this up myself, although I certainly had it in the pipeline, but Waitrose beat me to the pip!  I can only lay claim to the addition of the Gran Marnier Liqueur   I thought it would go excellently in the batter and along with the flavours of the hot cross bun themselves, and I was right . . .  it did.   Vanilla would also work, as would Courvoisier or orange flower water.  It is really a nice addition.   I served this on heated plates along with some grilled streaky bacon and meaty sausages, with Maple Syrup for pouring.   Altogether it was very . . .  very nice.  I highly recommend! *Hot Cross Bun French Toast* Serves 4 Printable Recipe    OH MY GOODNESS!  That's all I can say! Soooo good! This is the perfect Easter weekend breakfast.  4 quality hot cross buns 4 large free range eggs 4 TBS whole milk 1 tsp grand marnier or courvoisier or Orange extract 2 TBS butter  To serve: Maple Syrup cooked bacon cooked sausage  Cut your hot cross buns in half horizontally, giving you four bottoms and four tops.  Beat the eggs together with the milk and the grand marinier. Heat one TBS of butter in a large skillet over medium heat until the butter begins to foam.  Soak the hot cross bun bottoms in the egg mixture. Place into the foaming butter, cut side down first.  While the bottoms are cooking, soak the tops.  Cook the bottoms until golden brown, flip over and brown the other side.  Place into a warm oven to keep warm (you should have your bacon and sausage keeping warm in the oven.)  Repeat with the hot cross bun tops and remaining TBS of butter.  Melt the butter until it foams, add the bun tops, cut side down in the foaming butter, cook until golden brown, flip over and cook until golden brown on the top side.  To serve place a bottom and top of a hot cross bun on each of four heated plates.  Add some bacon and sausage and pass the Maple Syrup!  Note - there is no need for sure in this as the buns themselves are sweet enough!  If you didn't want to serve bacon or sausage with this, fresh fruit would also go very nicely.  Bon Appetit!

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