• Guacamole Tex-Mex

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    Guacamole Tex-Mex
    Prep: 15 min Servings: 4
    by Amos Miller
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    Super simple - fast - packs just enough punch. It will be the best you ever tasted. Bring on the cervesas, margaritas - and lots of quality tortilla chips! Just like Chipotle - but homemade!


    • 2 ripe avocados, scooped and roughly chopped into chunks
    • 1/4 tsp sea salt
    • 2Tbs lime juice
    • 1/2 a beautiful jalapeno, split down the middle, tip and top removed. Leave the seeds and ribs - mince it
    • 2 Tbs chopped cilantro, pick off the leaves - toss the stems
    • 2 Tbs chopped flat leaf parsley, pick off the leaves - toss the stems
    • 1/4C small red onion, minced


    1. Put everything into a mortar (or a medium bowl)
    2. Work the ingredients together without haste - the best result will be a chunky guac
    3. Stir and blend until you cannot resist tasting it then
    4. Move the product to a serving bowl of the right size and party on!

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    • Salad Foodie
      Salad Foodie
      Monster avocados caught my eye when shopping and reminded me of your Zippy Chicken Salad so I picked one out for it. But days later when it had ripened perfectly I got a little lazy and decided to make your Guacamole Tex-Mex instead. I'm not used to cilantro and parsley in guacamole though they are herb FAVS for me and add a different flavor dimension to guacamole. I did cut back a tad on the lime juice, omitted the jalapeno seeds and ribs (medium heat is as high as I'll go!) and I added a little fresh minced garlic and black cracked pepper. Very good! But now I need to go back and get another monster avocado to make Zippy Chicken Salad!


      • ShaleeDP
        This looks great. I would give it a try soon. I've always wanted to try making guacamole.
        • judee
          I've never tried it with the red onion. Thanks for the tip!
          • Amos Miller
            Amos Miller
            Hi, Judee! Good to hear from you! Yes, the red onion is a perfect balance with these ingredients, just as they would be in a salad. I think sweet onions are too mild, and Spanish onions are too hot. Let the heat be the message the jalapeno brings, and let the red onion balance out the cilantro & parsley. By the way, I did not make a point of this, but I use a fine himalayan pink salt because I find it is a bit sweeter than others, and not "hot". Best regards - Amos
          • LeahB
            Amos, can you recommend a mortar and where to purchase? That's one item I've never owned or used. Thanks....Leah
            • Amos Miller
              Amos Miller
              LeahB - Check out I generally will buy 'ethnic' culinary toold from places that supply that trade. I suggest the 8"x6" molcajete (about $45.00) - always and only made from lava rock - never glazed. I use a brass m & p for Indian subcontinent & North African / Middle Eastern grinding, generally speaking. But if I want to made a guacamole or salsa-type product - its going to be with the molcajete (mole-ka-HAY-tay) and tejolote (tay-ho-LOH-tay) that accompanies it. And take the time to really "cure" your authentic molcajete. If you get one, email me and I'll give you the formula to do it right! Thanks for askin! Best regards - Amos

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