• Easy Peasy Hawaiian Kalua Pork

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    by Justine
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    Bring the islands into your home with this simple recipe!


    • Pork shoulder
    • Water
    • Bananas
    • Palm Islands white/silver sea salt
    • Wright's smoked flavoring
    • Cabbage
    • And a slow cooker


    1. Take 3-5 lbs (whatever will feed ur family) of pork butt or pork shoulder & trim SOME of the fat. Trimming off too much will take away from the flavor and moisture.
    2. Take a fork and poke lots of little holes in the pork.
    3. Sprinkle and rub in the salt all over the pork. I found the Palm Islands salt at a local Whole Food Market. Do not use regular Kosher or sea salt.
    4. Place the pork in a slow cooker fat side down.
    5. Add 3-5 capfuls of the smoke flavoring.
    6. Add enough water to cover half of the pork.
    7. For every one pound of pork, place one whole banana (sliced in half) on top of the pork.
    8. Set your slow cooker on low for 6-8 hours.
    9. Halfway into cooking, add thin slices of cabbage.
    10. Drain the juice (or save some for your rice). Shred the pork with forks and serve with white rice!
    11. -aloha!

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