• Dolma, Assyrian

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    Dolma can be stuffed peppers, cabbage or grape leaves. This recipe is for grape leaves. You will find that the stuffing is similar to that of stuffed peppers Rolling is time consuming, great for the holidays. This is served hot unlike the Greek dolma found at salad bars, no oil. The plain yogurt elevates the flavor, got to have it. Some people tend to be a bit hesitant with grape leaves. That’s OK more for you. Grape leaves can be found in the international section.


    • Celery
    • Onions
    • 3 pounds of hamburger or tri blend or ground lamb or combination of any.
    • Jar of grape leaves
    • Rice
    • Plain yogurt
    • Paprika
    • Fresh dill and or cilantro


    1. Open jar of grape leaves, remove and soak in cold water rinse.
    2. 2 onions chopped fine – medium
    3. 4-6 celery stalks chopped fine – medium
    4. Place in fry pan, cover with water and steam/boil until al dente.
    5. Place in large bowl.
    6. Cook 3 pounds hamburger or tri blend or ground lamb or combination of any.
    7. Cook meat in fry pan, drain then add to the bowl of cooked celery and onions.
    8. Add to bowl
    9. 3/4 cup rice (partially cooked)
    10. Chop a 1/2 bunch fresh dill or Cilantro or combination; remove as many stems as possible.
    11. 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
    12. 2 tablespoon paprika
    13. 1 tablespoon salt or to taste
    14. Mix
    15. Unwrap grape leaves and lay on flat surface if a portion of the stem remains, remove it.
    16. Place teaspoon to tablespoon (depends on size of leaf) of mix onto center of leave
    17. Fold in sides, roll forward
    18. Dolma should be a rectangle not a cigar shape
    19. Place in saucepan around the edge working to the center
    20. Get help and continue until complete
    21. Place chopped onions on top, dust with paprika
    22. Place ½ inch of cold water in sauce pan filled with dolma
    23. Cover, steam for 7 minutes
    24. Place dolma on plate
    25. Top with plain yogurt
    26. Serve with rice

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