• Budwig Diet Smoothie

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    Budwig Diet Smoothie
    Prep: 5 min Cook: 1 min Servings: 3
    by John Spottiswood
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    Someone turned me on to Dr. Johanna Budwig recently. I read a bit about her research and her diet online. While there isn't a lot of hard evidence behind it, she was definitely ahead of her time in recognizing the importance of good fats, and the harmful effects of bad fats, in our modern diets. She strongly encouraged the consumption of organic Flax or Linseed Oil combined with low fat cottage cheese. Somehow the protein and fat combination has a very positive combined effect. Her own clinical evaluation showed very positive effects on Cancer and Arthritis. Anyway, I decided to try some cottage cheese and organic flax seed oil in my morning smoothie. I was somewhat shocked, but it actually tastes even better. The cottage cheese adds richness while the organic flaxseed oil adds smoothness. If you want to add these ingredients to your diet for health reasons, you definitely do not have to trade off taste. Just try the recipe below!


    • 1 large apple (braeburn, fuji, gala, etc.),, seeds & all
    • 1 orange, peeled and quartered
    • 1 cups frozen Mango pieces
    • 1 cup frozen mixed blueberries, blackberries & raspberries
    • 1/2 scoop vanilla-flavored soy protein powder
    • 2 Tbsp low fat cottage cheese
    • 2 Tbsp organic flax seed oil (got mine at Trader Joe's)
    • 1 cup vanilla-flavored soy milk


    1. Put the fresh fruit (I leave just a tad of peel on the orange for flavor) and rest of ingredients in the blender/vita mix
    2. Run on medium, pushing down with an instrument until the mixture is blending
    3. Turn to high and leave for 30-60 seconds
    4. Pour and drink!
    5. A few variations I might recommend. My wife Nancy prefers this without the protein powder. If you don't like Soy, feel free to substitute another protein powder and/or low fat or rice milk. I used to put in some yogurt, but found it added calories without adding much flavor or healthy micro-nutrients. I occasionally throw in a Banana, Peach, Kiwi, or Melon. Tangerines are also a nice, slightly more tart substitute for oranges. Feel free to mix and match...but the basic is still my favorite!

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    • Margaret
      The Budwig Protocol works wonders due to its specific blending that turns insoluble omega 3 into water soluble omega 3, that helps to generate more "good cells" so as to battle cancer. You should use 2 teaspoon of low fat cottage cheese to 1 teaspoon of cold pressed flaxseed oil, not 2:2 as prescribed here in this recipe. In order to benefit from the mixture, you should firstly blend the cottage cheese, then slowly blend in the flaxseed oil. Once that's done, THEN mixed in fruits or nuts for added flavour. According to your recipe you're blending all ingredients simultaneously, and that will not provide the Budwig health benefits I'm afraid.
      • Michelle May
        Michelle May
        Sounds really yummy! 8-) My mother has been suffering with Arthritis for a number of years and started doing the Budwig Diet and has already seen some positive effects. I will get her to try this one for sure. She is currently using the free guide which can be downloaded from
        • Monocot
          It Looks Real Good but Boy I bet that is Super Filling!. I'll try this sometime soon!
          • Gourmet Mama
            Gourmet Mama
            Mmm, sounds delicious. I personally like to have a nice green smoothie in the mornings . . . I've never tried flax seed oil or cottage cheese though, sounds interesting.
            • Coral Smith
              Coral Smith
              Could you remove the protein powder? Not a big fan of that due to tast. I think the sugers sound high but looks to be from the fruit for the most part so I think I should be okay if not the first thing I take in for the day... Sounds Wonderful and think I just may try it, with a few changes to fit me.
              • John Spottiswood
                John Spottiswood
                Hi Coral, you can definitely leave out the protein powder. I put it in to moderate the sugars a bit. I found I was "coming down" a little bit just before lunch. Adding the protein seems to moderate this for me, but definitely not necessary.
                • Christie
                  You might try AnyWhey Protein Powder. It has absolutely no flavor; I put a scoop in gravy, the milk on my cereal, in soups, smoothies, puddings, basically anything that has the slightest liquid or almost-liquid texture. It's really high in protein, too, and easy on the stomach. I use one of those little hand-held blenders for mixing it into soup and my cereal milk, but you can use a cheapo one from WalMart; that's what I use, and it works just fine.
                • Denise Cottrell
                  Though this looks wonderful, I was shocked at the calorie count, the carb and sugar count. I am trying to eat at 1000 calories a day-and under 80 carbs, so this smoothie would be my entire allottment. Bummer. However, thanks for the info abt the flax oil @ Trader Joe. I will incorporate that into my diet!
                  • FunLovinFoodie
                    Hi Denise,

                    After doing a little of my own research online, Vanilla Soy Milk is approx 100-150 calories per 1 cup serving. Somehow the nutritional info on the site is erroneously stating 599 calories!!! This should make it much easier to fit into your diet. Hope this helps!

                    • John Spottiswood
                      John Spottiswood
                      Hi Denise...this is a huge amount of smoothie. I usually eat about 2/3 of it, and give the rest to my kids. I think I'll change the servings so it seems less shocking. Thanks for the feedback!

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