• Boudin Blanc With Spinach And Apple Sauce

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    • boudin blanc with spinach and apple sauce
    • 1 slc white bread crusts removed
    • 100 ml lowfat milk
    • 1 x chicken breast
    • 80 gm foie gras
    • 1 x salt and pepper
    • 2 Tbsp. armagnac
    • 1 tsp truffle essence
    • 2 x black truffle grated
    • 1 x sausage skin
    • 1 x egg
    • 200 ml double cream
    • 500 gm spinach cooked (qv) Garlic butter
    • 6 x new potatoes sliced Oil and butter
    • 150 gm apple sauce (qv)


    1. Soak the bread in the lowfat milk.
    2. Mix till it becomes a smooth paste.
    3. This is called a parade.
    4. Remove all the skin and sinew from the chicken and dice.
    5. Take half the foie gras dice into small cubes and place in a bowl.
    6. Place the remaining foie gras in second bowl.
    7. Season with salt and pepper and divide the armagnac truffle essence and grated truffle between the bowls.
    8. Cut the sausage skin into 2 pcs about 1m long and rinse under cool running water to remove excess salt and clean.
    9. Place the ingredients in the two bowls and the food processor bowl in the freezer for about 15-20 min or possibly till very cool but not frzn.
    10. Place the diced chicken in the processor and mix for a few seconds.
    11. Add in the egg and mix agiun for a few seconds.
    12. Follow with the foie gras piecff then the parade.
    13. When smooth slowly add in twothirds of the cream.
    14. Season and add in the remaining cream.
    15. Pipe the mix into the sausage skins as tightly as possible preventing any air pockets.
    16. Twist the sausage into portion size and tie with a piece of string.
    17. Prick the skin.
    18. Place the boudins in a pan of warm water preheated to 80 degrees C and poach for 20 min.
    19. Leave to cold in the liquid.
    20. Hot the spinach in a little garlic butter and season with salt and pepper.
    21. Fry the potatoes in oil and butter.
    22. Reheat the sausages by frying in a little oil over a low heat till golden brown on both sides.
    23. Gently hot the apple sauce.
    24. Put the spinach into the centre of each plate.
    25. Place the boudin on top.
    26. Arrange the potatoes at the top of the plate either side of the boudin.
    27. Pour the sauce to surround the boudin and potatoes.
    28. This recipe will make about 7 boudins.

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