• Baked Fish with Tomatoes, Olives and Capers

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    Baked Fish with Tomatoes, Olives and Capers
    Prep: 10 min Cook: 15 min Servings: 2
    by Mary Shaldibina
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    This is fast and delicious dish, very light and elegant.


    • 1lb or 4 pieces of white fish fillet (tilapia)
    • 2 tomatoes
    • 70gr olives
    • 2Tbs capers
    • 1Tbs olive oil
    • pepper, salt


    1. Oil the baking pan. Put fish fillet into it.
    2. Cut tomatoes, dice olives, wash capers to make them less salty. Put everything on top of the fish. Add salt and pepper to taste.
    3. Pour the rest of olive oil on top.
    4. Bake in oven at 400F for 15 mins or until fish is prepared.
    5. Serve with rice, beans, broccoli or your favorite garnish.

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    • O.S.
      That was very easy and tasted great! I recommend it with good white wine... though I had it with beer today :-)


      • Patrick Travis
        Patrick Travis
        My son's partner does not eat meat but she does eat fish. Since I am not a "fish person" I don't have many recipes for fish. This sounds like a simple, tasty recipe. I'll try it next time they come for dinner (I may even try it myself!).

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