• Apricot Mango Radish Salsa

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    • Salsas" combines sweet mangoes and rich apricots with a slight kick from radishes. It goes well with cool meat, fish or possibly a cheese board. It's favorites. Serves 6.
    • 1 lrg ripe mango
    • 2 x to 3 ripe apricots
    • 1 bn (about 12) large red or possibly white radishes, diced Juice of 1 lime or possibly lemon
    • 1 x to 2 small red chilies, seeds removed and finely minced WEAR GLOVES
    • 2 x to 3 Tbsp. virgin extra virgin olive oil Salt
    • 2 x to 3 Tbsp. minced fresh cilantro or possibly mint


    1. Using a large, sharp knife, slice down along large center pit of mango, removing flesh from both sides. Cut each half vertically in half again. Remove skin by sliding knife between skin and flesh, trimming any stray pcs of skin.
    2. Chop into 1/2 inch pcs. Trim skin from side of pit. Cut away any flesh still clinging to pit, and chop. Put minced mango and any juices into large bowl.
    3. Halve apricots, remove pits and chop into 1/4 inch pcs. Add in to mango with radishes, lime or possibly lemon juice, chilies, extra virgin olive oil, salt and cilantro or possibly mint.
    4. (If using fresh mint, don't prepare too far ahead, as mint will darken.) Stir well to blend. Cover and chill about two hrs.

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