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Veronica Gantley
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About me

Greeting! I am so glad you came to visit. It is hard to get used to the idea that someone other than my family is actually reading these recipes. I am a self taught cook and photographer. I am a work in progress. The blog My Catholic Kitchen serves as a creative outlet for my faith and my cooking passion. I started my blog to chronicle my life. It has morphed into what it is today. I love to eat, so I learned to cook. I like to photograph food. Just like my cooking, sometimes the pictures are good and sometimes they are bad. The cast of characters in this play called my life include The Hubster, my lovable and sometimes clueless husband of almost 17 years. My 14 year old teenage daughter Monkey Girl and my neurotic rescue dog Meeka. There is also a plethera of other characters, friends and such. All of these special people are my family. I see them like ingredients of my life. They add heat, spice and a wonderful flavor, that is then seasoned into a unique dish that is called my life.

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    J. Gino Genovesi
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    • J. Gino Genovesi
      J. Gino Genovesi
      Veronica. I enjoy reading your recipes. Thanks J. Gino Genovesi
      • myra byanka
        myra byanka

        Bonnie is a probably a beagle collie mix. She has a beagle head, but her ears stand up like a collie.
        She wandered into the neighborhood last year, and Skeeter liked her, so she's in our little pack. She truly is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever known.

        Take care,

        Myra Byanka
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          I am glad I am following you, I love what I have seen so far in your blog :)
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            Thank you for becoming my friend and the comment.
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              Divya Pramil
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                  Judit Hogya Demcsak
                  Hi Veronica! Thank you for follow me! It is very nice to meet you and also your tasty and delicious meals and recipes! Sending you a big greeting from Slovakia!:)...Judit

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                    Veronica Gantley
                    Hi Judit!
                    Nice to meet you too. I look forward to seeing your tasty recipes also!
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                    Thanks for the follow and I am happy to follow you back. Looks like a treasure trove of your recipes for me to browse.

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