Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox
Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox
Weight Watchers POINTS and nutrition facts on every skinny recipe.
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I love everything about food. Each week on my website,, I share lots of reduced-fat and calorie recipes with Weight Watchers POINTS and nutrition facts on each. Plus, cooking, shopping and healthy tips. I hope you'll join me at, and on Happy cooking and baking!


  • Donna
    Hi Nancy, Can't wait to get some of your recipes, I'm trying to cook healthier.
    • dianna
      Hi Nancy, please help me, on your recipe of skinny lemon blueberrie muffins that make my mouth water just to look at them, some of your ingredients will have an A with a ^ over the top of it , what in the world does this mean , or a small a with the same ^ over it .....Im confused , is this just a mistake or do i need to learn a little more in following recipe's ? Thanks so much....
      • Dorothy
        Hi Nancy, I am not a facebook person or one that does twitter, so is there an option of just receiving a newsletter from you? Thanks
        • Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox
          Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox
          Hi Dorothy,

          I'm so sorry but I just saw this note you posted back in July. I do have a newsletter on my site you can sign up for. I send a recipe or healthy tip pretty much everyday. Just go to my home page at: Once there, scroll down and look on the right side of my page. There is a place to sign up for my newsletter. It says,
          Sign Up for Skinny Updates

          Or, just leave me your email here and I'll input it for you.
          I hope this helps!

          With my best wishes,

        • Aparna Anurag
          Aparna Anurag
          wow i m glad to follow you
          looking forward for your yummy recipe

          My food blog

          Happy cooking
          • Nanette
            RE: your comment back to me...Oh, Nancy...I'd be thrilled to have you try my recipes, BUT you need to throw the WW points out the window! N
            • Nanette
              Hey there Nancy...thanks for the follow. Looking forward to your WW recipes. Have been following the point method for becomes second nature, doesn't it? I need to lose 15 lbs, so I'm hoping you'll kick start my success story. N
              • Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox
                Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox
                Thanks for stopping by Nanette. I some of my skinny recipes for work you!
                Can't wait to try some of yours too...
              • A.L. Wiebe
                A.L. Wiebe
                Hi Nancy; Thanks for the friendship! I look forward to sharing recipes with you. You have some really great looking recipes.
                • Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox
                  Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox
                  Your recipes sound yummy! Thanks...

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