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About me

I'm a pizza-pasta freak and I love food! I know how to cook and I always pursue to learn more. I want to learn the different ways of cooking, the herbs to use, the techniques, and more. I have tried dough making, pasta making, and some baking too.

I am very outspoken on my thoughts and would always ask should my curiousity hits me. I am an outgoing, fun-loving person who enjoys cooking and baking. I am usually adventurous in the kitchen, and loves to explore new things. I like spicy food too!

One of the many things I do with my family/friends is to check out on newly opened restaurants or bistro to try and taste their food and try to recreate it Trying on different venues is how I get to know which is the best to dine to.

Cooking Influences

Italian cuisine. I have always liked pasta and I have been experimenting on preparing them in a different way besides red and white sauces. I learned that herbs and oils could make a difference. I am still looking and learning other techniques to enjoy pasta. At the same time, I have tried making other Italian foods, and learned how to make my own pasta and pizza dough. It is simply wonderful!

Filipino cuisine. I also love my native dishes. One of the tasteful dishes that I have tried. Variety of tastes makes it very good to eat. The appetizing looks and colorful ingredients makes your mouth water. It's amazing.



  • alaamiahclean
    Hi Shalina,
    •  "Cheffie Cooks"
      "Cheffie Cooks"
      Hi Shalina, We LOVE pizza too-every Friday night is homemade pizza night at our home. Cheryl "Cheffie Cooks" Wiser.
      • ShaleeDP
        love it and i try to experiment unusual ingredients too lolzzz have fun!
      • Chris Edwards
        Chris Edwards
        Ty for the add Shalee, looking forward to trying some of your recipes and sharing some of mine also :)))
        • ShaleeDP
          Thats awesome! send in your recipes too :)
        • Elaine
          Hi! Shalina,
          My favorite Phillipino food is "Pansit" and would you please consider posting a recipe for Pansit. Thank you!
          • ShaleeDP
            Sure thing Elaine :)
          • Gina
            I like Italian food and you have got some interesting recipes.
            • J. Gino Genovesi
              J. Gino Genovesi
              Shalina. I am glad you like Chjili Genovesi. I like to make original recipes. Your recipes are great. J. Gino Genovesi
              • Nazzareno Casha
                Hello Shalina from Malta wishing you more success in your life and happy new year.I hope enjoy some recipes shared on this website. Looking forward to see tradition Philippines recipes.
                • ShaleeDP
                  I have Filipino recipes in my collection as well. I post the usual and the exotic ones too! Hope you enjoy them all. Merry Christmas!
                • Shandiola colebrooke
                  Shandiola colebrooke
                  Season greetings my friend, i really love your buco coconut pie that recipe is so awesome.thank you for sharing it with me. Merry Christmas to you.
                  • ShaleeDP
                    my family has been enjoying buco pie since I was young. great that you find it good too! Merry Christmas!
                  • pshinde2109
                    Loved your recipe collection.
                    • GARY ESTESS
                      GARY ESTESS
                      Have you tryed a meatloaf then 2 day later, use the left overs in spaghetti it keeps it going . I always put cheese and mushrooms in my meatloaf thanks for the invite.
                      • treder27
                        Thanks for rating
                        • Peter Brown
                          Peter Brown
                          Hi Shalina,
                          Please ignore my message, got recipes mixed up, trying to do too many things at once.
                          Will try the omellette.
                          and let you know
                          Go Well
                          • Peter Brown
                            Peter Brown
                            Hi Shalina
                            Want to try your Baby shrimp omellette.
                            In your recipe you say discard bay leaf ,but ingredients dont have a Bay leaf . Also when and where do you add the cream.
                            I can guess but want to make sure as it sounds good. Will brandy from Grapes be OK for the "grappa"
                            • myra byanka
                              myra byanka
                              Hi Shalina,

                              Would love for you to post, if you have not, a Filipino "Arroz con Pollo" for me to prepare.

                              • ShaleeDP
                                I think we call it "Arroz Caldo". Here is my version of it.

                                Hope you enjoy it :)

                              • John Spottiswood
                                John Spottiswood
                                Hello Shalina! Welcome to So glad to see you joined and hopefully enjoy the many recipes we have in the website. Feel free to try the great recipes in here. Looking forward to try some of yours too!
                                • Veronica Gantley
                                  Veronica Gantley
                                  I am so glad we are friends. I look forward to seeing your new recipes.

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