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Nick Roche
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About me

Nick Roche, aka NonChefNick, was born in Paris, France and left at age 5 for the South of Spain before landing in Oregon, where he has spent most of his life. Nick is self taught in the culinary art with influences from his Mother and maternal Grandmother. At 21, after a one year stay in France, he fell in love with the art of cooking and began creating his own recipes, many out of trial and error. Along the way, he picked up ideas and techniques from those he admired and watch. His influences are French, Asian, and Spanish cuisine, but he prefers not to categorize his style as it tends to become a pretense to being boxed in.

Nick loves to try new ingredients that he discovers and adds them to his recipes. He loves to entertain and enjoys having close friends at dinner parties that tend to go way into the night. Nick is a bon vivant.

One of the goals Nick has is to get viewers and followers new to cooking to shed the intimidation factor of the kitchen. The most incredible room of your home should never been the most feared or hated. Anyone can become a star in the kitchen if you follow the rules of simplicity. Preparation, relaxation, and self confidence go a long way into creating a wonderful, eye appealing, and savory dinner for your guests. And if you follow those 3 rules, you will understand the concept of simplicity in the kitchen. It's not the number of ingredients but the comfort you have with them that create that simplicity. Never be afraid to fail because out of the ashes of failure you have planted new knowledge.

Besides, Nick's recipes can be found on his blog at . His recipes have also been featured on various internet magazines and sites.

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  • Vivien
    Hi, Nick,

    I am honored to have you as my new friend on my culinary circle. I like photography as well (mainly landscape photography) and am trying to learn Photoshop CS6--thank goodness Adobe is in San Jose. They have cool sessions with some of the meetup groups.

    • Nick Roche
      Nick Roche
      Hi Vivien,

      Thank you so much for being friends! I am so envious of you being so close to Adobe. I've had to teach myself photography and want so much to be better at my food pics. I've got to get more involved with RAW photographing, but I've more to learn about the intricacies of photo editing in the manual manner. I hope you enjoy what I've taken so far and that you've had a chance to check out some of my recipes. Again, I was self taught in that as well...LOL.

    • Veronica Gantley
      Veronica Gantley
      I am so glad we are friends. I look forward to seeing many of your new recipes.
      • Jeannie Maristela
        Jeannie Maristela
        Nick Roche
        about 16 hours ago

        Jeannie, I love chewy cookies and this recipe sounds wonderful. I will certainly try making these the next time I make cookies; I wonder how some chocolate chips would do ?

        Jeannie Maristela
        less than a minute ago

        Hi Nick! :)

        Great to hear we share the same preference for chewy cookies! :) I think, dark chocolate chips will go absolutely well with these. And I know that this cookie will be absolutely great to use for an ice cream sandwich... Butter Pecan will pair wonderfully with these cookies! :) Let me know the results after making this recipe, I would appreciate it! - Jeannie
        • Spicie Foodie
          Spicie Foodie
          Hi Nick, thanks for inviting me :) What a great site you found!
          • Robert-Gilles Martineau
            Robert-Gilles Martineau
            Dear Nick!
            Greetings again from Shizuoka!LOL
            Thank you so much for kindly accepting my Friendship request!
            We seem to be part of an ever-growing crowd!
            I'm afraid I will have to repeat myself quite a few more times!
            • Nick Roche
              Nick Roche
              you're welcome
              • Eatnlisten
                Hi Nick thanks for the invite
              • Nick Roche
                Nick Roche
                Yes, I am still posting to FB, might as well, it's there. I don't get the traffic I use to except when I get a Top 9, but it's exposure none the less. How about you?
                • Citronetvanille
                  I do the same, surprisingly enough I made it to the top 1 today with the scallops, I haven't been on the top 9 for ever so I was very surprised. I am wondering if they just pick the feature publishers only now and once in a while the others like me and you. My traffic came from FB only when I was on top 9, otherwise it represented peanuts.
                • Nick Roche
                  Nick Roche
                  lol me too. There are some cool things about it. I have to populate my page with my recipes. I'll probably try to get all that done by this weekend.
                  • Citronetvanille
                    Yes, so are still posting stuff on FB? all those sites are time consuming!
                  • Citronetvanille
                    Thanks! Just saw that...I think you'll like this site, still new to it and figuring out how that works.

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