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Nancy Miyasaki
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About me

I grew up in Sacramento and currently live in the Bay Area. I've lived in LA, the midwest, the east coast, and Japan as well. My tastes are pretty broad, and I'm doing my best to pass that on to my four children. So far so good. They eat a variety of meat, fish, vegetable, rice and pasta dishes. Still, I don't get to cook with as much spice as I used to unless I make a separate dish for my husband and me.

Cooking Influences

I grew up in a large extended Japanese family. My father is also a big time hunter and fisherman. So I grew up with a lot of rice, fish, teriyaki, steak, duck, and a variety of traditional japanese dishes. I still love to cook these, and because most japanese dishes are slightly sweet and not spice, our kids love them. I'll be putting up the family recipes for tonkatsu, donburri, sukiyaki, and many more when I have time!


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    • Nazzareno Casha
      Hi Nancy I tried the Thai basil chicken recipe it is very nice and tasty. well done.
      Regards, Have a nice day
      • Nazzareno Casha
        Hi Nancy keep it up you have great recipes.
        • Cathy W.
          Cathy W.
          Thank you for trying my pumpkin custard bunt cake and writing such a nice review. The picture was wonderful and looked great. I'm now looking through your recipes and have found several I want to try soon.
          • Melinda
            Nancy, I get so many compliments on your recipe Thai Basil Chicken. Thank you for sharing this recipe - we love it.
            • sanjay chowdhury
              sanjay chowdhury
              Hi Nancy,
              As promised, here I am...:))
              • Bobby Lovera
                Bobby Lovera
                Hi Nancy! I love your Key Lime cheesecake!
                • Organic Cocktail Recipes
                  Organic Cocktail Recipes
                  Just stumbled on your profile, and got psyched about your Japanese recipes. :D I'm a huge fan of Japanese food. Look forward to following you!
                  • Sandra C Depp
                    Sandra C Depp
                    Hi u have a topping for your pumpkin cheesecake>>?
                    • unhip squirrel
                      unhip squirrel
                      I think we've got a lot in common. Just in your top five I see three of my favourite foods - jalapenos, cilantro and thai basil chicken! To die for. Thanks for the add back :) I look forward to trying your stuff!
                      • Stephen Crout
                        Stephen Crout
                        I really don't know how this site works. I left a note elsewhere thanking you for remarks regarding the Thai beef salad. Just to reiterate, when you mentioned arugula I realized that that was almost certainly part of what we used. While we think of this as a summer dish, I'm thinking that some warm baby bok choy and Chinese broccoli might go well with some nicely marinated beef.
                        • Pam's Midwest Kitchen Korner
                          Pam's Midwest Kitchen Korner
                          You have great recipes and I can't wait to try some of them!
                          • Martha A. Cheves
                            Martha A. Cheves
                            Nancy, I'm looking for a Japanese recipe for Shrimp Sauce. I love it on my seafood, steak, chicken, pork, and veggies. Haven't tried it on desserts yet, lol. If you have this recipe, please send it to me.
                            • sunil k.nayar
                              sunil k.nayar
                              thanxs nancy
                              • Drick Perry
                                Drick Perry
                                Hey there - Enjoyed your recipe immensely, please take a moment to join the seafood recipe group, SEAFOOD CATCH @ ... many thanks and looking forward in seeing more great recipes.... Drick
                                • TinaTilapis
                                  thx 4 the follow. we are a family of nigerian,spaniard,chinese,japanese,greek,american indian, India asian, german, dutch, haitian people! we are very happy and we eat everything! oh and I am Cuban born there.:-)
                                  • Faridah Zahirudin
                                    Faridah Zahirudin
                                    Hi Nancy, I am from Malaysia. Currently I am producing fish food product and also selling fresh fried fish with flour coating.(In Malaysia called Ikan Celup Tepung).This is samiliar to Japaness food(Tempayaki).I am appreciate if you could share with me the recipe of crunchy Tempayaki.TQ
                                    • Purabi Naha
                                      Purabi Naha
                                      Hi. Glad to meet you here. I am an indian living in Hong Kong and maintaining a food blog Hope you will like it and follow me back! Hoping to learn ans share so many recipes with you!
                                      • pol
                                        ciao Nancy sono felice che tu abbia accettato la mia amicizia. sono Italiana della provincia di Bergamo regione Lombardia, mi piace cucinare ma anche sperimentare e inventare come la torta che ho fatto con le crep che vedi in fotografia, mi farebbe piacere imparare alcune delle tue ricette americane giusto x cambiare il menù adesso ti saluto e mi auguro di sentirti presto.
                                        • Margaret
                                          Hi Nancy. I am new to this website and your dishes look YUM, YUM! I love to cook and can't wait to try your dishes for my family and friends. Have a good one. Marg-Rochester, New York (BRR!)
                                          • Daniel Saraga
                                            Daniel Saraga
                                            Hi Nancy. You've been given the stylish blogger award. Please read up here:

                                            No obligation. I've provided a link to your recipes/blog from the above link as well. It's been a pleasure reading your CES contributions.

                                            All the best

                                            Daniel P. Saraga
                                            • James Wilkinson
                                              James Wilkinson
                                              Hello Nancy.Thank you so much....... I am still a bit slow getting in here but that will change. How is your new year...:-) Peace:James
                                              • Amos Miller
                                                Amos Miller
                                                Thank you for your kinds words, Nancy! There is a TON of great eating on this website and I will look forward to sampling some of your offerings. I have only a passing familiarity with Japanese cuisine, I'm afraid. But I was cooking Cantonese for family and friends while in high school, so at least I have chopsticks mastered. I would like to try a Japanese recipe for duck, one of my favorite proteins. Thanks for the warm welcome!
                                                • Jason Freund
                                                  Jason Freund
                                                  Nancy -- one of the best collections I've seen. I've already made a handful (some several times), and have a nice todo list printed and ready to go.
                                                  • lorejae
                                                    Hi Nancy, thank you for accepting my friendship request. I am looking forward to learning new recipes, and making friends. I am new to this site. I love seafood, and fish. looking forward to following you. LoreJae

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