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Martha A. Cheves
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About me

I've always loved to cook and used to dream of opening my own restaurant. But, as time went on and I got older that dream just didn't seem to be in the cards. Instead I wrote a cookbook. This idea came to me when my youngest daughter told me she couldn't bring deviled eggs to Thanksgiving dinner because she couldn't peel them without tearing them up. That made me begin to compare my life with my daughters. My mother was a stay at home mom and I learned to cook the same way generations of women before me had, by watching her.

But, as a babyboomer, my adult life differed dramatically from my mom's. I worked full-time and by the time I got home, got the homework started, clothes washed, baths taken, and dinner on the table, there certainly wasn't time to teach the kids to cook!!
As I thought about this, I started remembering some of the foods my kids had attempted to put together over the years. One time it was decided that Thanksgiving dinner would be at my son's house. He was single at the time. He decided to make chocolate pie for dinner. He bought a pie crust, a can of chocolate pudding and a can of cool whip. He poured the pudding into the uncooked crust, topped it with the cool whip and put it in the oven to bake!!!! You can only imagine what a mess he had. Needless to say, we didn't have chocolate pie for dinner. So with this and other "adventures" in mind I hit on the idea of writing a cookbook filled with recipes I've always enjoyed that were simple enough for anyone to tackle complete with suggestions enabling readers to adjust them to fit individual tastes.

Cooking for me, always came easy....writing a cookbook, on the other hand was a bit more of a challenge than I expected! When it was about 3/4 of the way complete, I started looking for a publisher. I didn't know anything about publishing so I went to the internet. I found a publisher and tried to find a way to submit my book. I'm also not very savvy when it comes to computers. I told a friend about my situation and she took down the name of the publisher and said she would go on-line and see what she could find out. The next day around 3:00 in the afternoon I received a phone call. It was the publisher. My friend hadn't just looked them up on-line, she actually called them, told them about my book and they wanted my manuscript in 3 weeks!! I think everyone in my office heard me scream when I got off the phone. I was SO excited. I scrambled to finish the book. Sent it to the publisher and waited and waited and waited. One day my roommate called to tell me there was a DHL delivery for me. Rejection? I had him open it so he could tell me the bad news. Did I say "bad news?" It was an acceptance letter and contract. That all happened about a little over a year ago. My book now was released in June 2008. I'm still floating. I'm now working on book #2 that will be even better. So, by all means....stay tuned!!

Through the promotion of Stir, Laugh, Repeat I've had the pleasure of meeting some really wonderful Authors. Since I love to read as much as I love to cook I decided to create a site that would bring the readers and cooks together. Before accepting a book to review I tell the Authors the cost... One of Their Favorite Recipes. Thus was the creation of my site A Book and A Dish. I've had the pleasure of reading some really great books plus find out what the authors enjoy eating/cooking.

Cooking Influences

My biggest influence has to come from life. Hard times growing up and hard times when my children were young. It teaches you how to make a delicious meal from just about anything.


  • J. Gino Genovesi
    J. Gino Genovesi
    Martha. I love the creativity in pizza making. J. Gino Genovesi
    • Martha A. Cheves
      Martha A. Cheves
      So do I and this lasagna pizza is great. The peppers and onions really made it taste like a pizza. Plus, if you're one of those people who likes to eat the toppings and not so much crust, this works for that too.
    • J. Gino Genovesi
      J. Gino Genovesi
      Martha. What an honor to have you follow me. You certainly show a great variety of foods. J. Gino Genovesi
      • Martha A. Cheves
        Martha A. Cheves
        The honor is all mine. I love meeting and sharing anything food with those who love cooking like I do.
      • Martha A. Cheves
        Martha A. Cheves

        After going to an Estate sale some time back I bought some vintage books. Most were cookbooks, some weren't. After going by the same house the day after the sale I stopped to see if the other books were bought. I was told no that they went into the dumpster that went to the land fill. Not all end up in the land fills. Some are sent to be recycled. But no matter what, they are taken out of circulation.

        After hearing this I decided to rescue as many books as possible and pass them on to others who still enjoy holding an actual book in their hands. With this in mind I opened a site that is dedicated to keeping all books, old and new, plus other vintage items in circulation. With the popularity of the e-books we are losing these jewels.

        So, if you would like to help me keep these books going, please go to Books, Books and More . The book's prices depend upon what I've had to pay for them. Most are priced at $2.00 plus postage. Lets help keep these books in our hands and the hands of our kids, grandkids and great grandkids.

        • Martha A. Cheves
          Martha A. Cheves
          I want to thank Chef Amos Miller for writing a review for my latest cookbook Think With Your Taste Buds - Beef. Through his review I was able to realize that I had done exactly what I had set out to do - help teach people to make changes and Think With Your Taste Buds.
          Thank You Chef Amos!
          • Amos Miller
            Amos Miller
            Hi, Martha - I hope you have enjoyed much success with all your books, including the Beef project. As an aside, I have many cookbooks I would be happy to donate to your effort, if you want them. All kinds, many from the 'old days' - like the 40s - 50s - 60s - got no room and others might enjoy trying the 'tried and true' of days gone by, when 'comfort food' was truly comfortable and one didn't have to search the plate to find the entree... All I need is a mailing address. Best, always - Amos
          • Martha A. Cheves
            Martha A. Cheves
            I've added to my sites. I now have a vintage cookbook store. I love old cookbooks and can't pass one up but I've found myself running out of space so I decided the best way to keep these pieces of art alive and in use is to pass them on to others who will also appreciate them. I hope you'll all go to my site and see what I've forced myself to part with. I'll add more as I go through my books.
            • Gilli Wrightson
              Gilli Wrightson
              Love your story. Going to have a look at your blog now
              • Jodi Taylor & Patricia Peterson
                Jodi Taylor & Patricia Peterson
                I am going to check out your cook book tomorrow! Congrats! That's awesome!
                A dream of mine some day!
                • Claudia lamascolo
                  Claudia lamascolo
                  I can so relate to your daughter and my sons think alike! They love that I blog and they can have all the family recipes... I just hope we never lose it all by the site shutting down!
                  • Martha A. Cheves
                    Martha A. Cheves
                    Copy your recipes and put them on word as well as one of those "stick" thingies. That way you will have it safe and can even pass it around if you want. Or you could write a cookbook.
                  • Karren Haller
                    Karren Haller
                    I have posted Stir Laugh and Repeat on
                    • Alex at a moderate life
                      Alex at a moderate life
                      Hi Martha! I am visiting you from the tips and tricks group and what a lovely story you have! What it shows is that anyone with passion and a dose of laughter can do what they dream of! Your chocolate pie story reminds me of my uncle who when he came to America simply put a box of cake mix in the oven and almost burned down is apartment in Brooklyn! I am now following you and will stop on by your site for a visit as well! Alex@amoderatelife
                      • Comfy Cook
                        Comfy Cook
                        Small world. I was at stir, laugh, repeat, for the first time, the other day. Here you are again. I guess this means, I must go back again. My pleasure.
                        • Martha A. Cheves
                          Martha A. Cheves
                          Some time back I posted a picture of 3 of my grandchildren making "Dirt Cake." I really had no idea as to how one was made so I bought a chocolate cake mix, some gummy worms and a can of chocolate icing. All 3 helped add the eggs, oil and mix the cake. They couldn't wait for it to get done and cool enough for them to crumble it up. After they made sure their cake was "dirt" I poured it into a dish and let them stick their worms in and add the mud which we made by clumping blobs of the icing into the dirt. They had a ball and didn't even mind helping me clean up afterwards. Teaching them to cook is so much fun and they really seem to enjoy themselves.
                          • Shirley
                            I agree with what you say about teaching kids to cook. I'm hoping to start early with mine. Good to see you.
                            • Martha A. Cheves
                              Martha A. Cheves
                              We seem to be following each other. It's great to have you here too. Hope all is well in Japan.
                              • Robert-Gilles Martineau
                                Robert-Gilles Martineau
                                Dear Martha!
                                Greetings from Shizuoka, Japan!
                                Thank you so much for kindly accepting my Friendship request!
                                Looking forward to sharing!
                                • Gordon Attard
                                  Gordon Attard
                                  Brilliant story you have had...very inspiring. Thanks for sharing :)
                                  • Claudia lamascolo
                                    Claudia lamascolo
                                    thanks so much for visiting my page and your kind comment!
                                    • Martha A. Cheves
                                      Martha A. Cheves
                                      Thank you. Most cooks that I know also love to read so why not mix the 2.
                                      • Martha A. Cheves
                                        Martha A. Cheves
                                        Thank you. I love being creative and staying busy. With 5 blogs, I have no problems in the staying busy department.
                                        • John Spottiswood
                                          John Spottiswood
                                          What a creative mix of food and reading! Glad you joined, Martha.

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