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Marie Rayner
Debunking the myths of English Cookery, one recipe at a time.
Chester, United Kingdom
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As a young girl growing up in a small town in rural Nova Scotia, a tiny province in Eastern Canada, I always dreamed of living in the homeland of one of my favourite movie stars, Haley Mills. I loved everything British . . . things like the Beatles, Enid Blyton, and Coronation Street. I dreamt of one day living in the land of thatched cottages, cobbled stoned streets, fairies and love, love me do. I am living the dream and quite happily so.


  • Edie Hippern
    Edie Hippern
    Hello from Cole Harbour NS. Looking forward to your recipe.
      • Veronica Gantley
        Veronica Gantley
        Marie, I am so glad you friended me. I love your recipes. My Mom is from a small fishing village in Newfoundland Canada. Fox Harbour. Small world Aaaay?
        • Marie Rayner
          Marie Rayner
          It is a small world indeed Veronica! I have heard of Fox Harbour. My parents got married in Tor Bay. (Not sure if I spelt that right or not!)
        • Wendy DeMarzo
          Wendy DeMarzo
          Looking forward to trying your bumblberry pie. Yum! Hello from Lake Tahoe area!
          • Marie Rayner
            Marie Rayner
            Oh thanks Mares. Looks delish! I love Upstairs, Downstairs. We have the whole series on DVD. I never tire of watching it.
            • Mares
              Your welcome. If you do end up trying it (no rush or pressure) I wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts on it.
            • Mares
              Hello from Warwick, RI. I found your blog several days back, and have been enjoying getting to read through your recipe, recommendation & other posts. I noticed one post mentioned how you missed the corn chowder made by a former landlady of yours, when you were a girl in Canada. I have a recipe for a wonderful corn chowder, and I'll be posting it to my account later this evening. I would have posted it already, but I've still got to figure out what I'm doing with the form to submit recipes. Wish they allowed one to opt out of some of the descriptions, etc..
              • Marie Rayner
                Marie Rayner
                Let me know when you've got it up Mares! I love corn chowder and am always looking for that elusive recipe! xx
                • Mares
                  I just posted it, along with another recipe. I was up late watching the new Upstairs, Downstairs on PBS, so I thought I'd post a few recipes.
              • Amos Miller
                Amos Miller
                Marie - I am so happy for you - and happy for me for finding you! - best regards, Amos
                • Marie Rayner
                  Marie Rayner
                  Thanks Amos! Have a great Thursday. Happy Cooking!
                • Robert-Gilles Martineau
                  Robert-Gilles Martineau
                  Dear Marie!
                  Greetings from Shizuoka, Japan!
                  Thank you so much for kindly accepting my Friendship request!
                  Looking forward to sharing!

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