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About me

I love to cook and entertain. I publish an active blog at where I post ideas and recipes for healthier eating that are also natually gluten free. I live a vegetarian/vegan lifestyse and am into nutrition, wellness, and personal development.
My blog has given me a platform to share my recipes and ideas about food, healthy living, and entertaining with others. I'm grateful to all of my dedicated readers.

I plan to publish a cookbook or two in the near future.

Cooking Influences

I grew up in a family that loved to cook. As I child, I spent many a weekend cooking and baking with my mother for holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations. Food always played an important role in all of our family traditions. It still does, and I find that my home is still the hub where everyone gathers for holiday meals, birthday dinners, and celebrations.


  • J. Gino Genovesi
    J. Gino Genovesi
    Judee Hope you try the chicken recipe. It is amazing. Thank you for the review. J. Gino Genovesi
    • J. Gino Genovesi
      J. Gino Genovesi
      Judee. Glad you reviewed Uncle Gary's Apple Pie Recipe. I agree it is nice to have variations of recipe. J. Gino
      • Laurette Champagne-koerber
        I like the recipes you have-right down my alley.
        • Beth Shafran-Mukai
          Beth Shafran-Mukai
          Do you know the number of WW points plus for a one cup serving?
          • Beth Shafran-Mukai
            Beth Shafran-Mukai
            Hi, this looks very tasty but am concerned about all of the rice and nuts. I try to maximize the amount of vegetables with their healthful lower carb fiber - and food as low fat as possible - oil, butter, and nuts, are all super calorie dense. The amount used in the recipe is hundreds of added calories. May try with some modifications. I do a vegan staffed eggplant that works well, should work from that idea.
            • Belle
              Hi! ty so much for the follow :) I am so sorry I just found it now :P haven't been here in ages. I had originally started creating my gluten free recipes cause I work with kids and one of them couldn't have gluten. Since then my mom just got diagnosed with Celiac so I popped back to print these for her and there you were! Your recipes look FABULOUS! Can't wait to try! and I will be posting some more of my own :). Ty again. Have a great day!
              • judee
                Looking forward to seeing more of your recipes. So glad you are back!
              • unhip squirrel
                unhip squirrel
                Thanks for the add! I look forward to checking out your blog further :)
                • Comfy Cook
                  Comfy Cook
                  Judee, Thanks for including me in the Passover group. It will be a while before I have time to post recipes but I would love to have a source for myself and to share mine. I do have some good ones. We never go hungry on Passover.
                  • FLORA A. GORDON
                    FLORA A. GORDON
                    • FLORA A. GORDON
                      FLORA A. GORDON
                      hi judee, thank u for following me i really appreciate it i feel honored, again my thanks. flora a. gordon
                      • Drick Perry
                        Drick Perry
                        So glad to meet you, many thanks for finding me on CES. Look forward to a long relationship in building great recipes together....
                        • Nanette
                          Hi Judee: thanks for the follow. As I get older, I'm much more aware of eating good, wholesome foods. Thanks for the recipes to help me do this. Love the header on your profile, so true, so true. Unusual spelling of your sister spells her name, Judey (after St. Jude). And her daughter just moved to PA. We will be visiting her in July. Philly cheesesteak here we come...oops, not very healthy, huh? Visit me at Thanks. N
                          • A.L. Wiebe
                            A.L. Wiebe
                            Dang! I thought I was following you! LOL! Guess I just strolled through your recipes,,,sorry! Thanks for the follow, though, and am looking forward to sharing with you, Judee!
                            I am off to work for the summer in a couple of days, and we are often able to get online. It's a bit remote.
                            However, I will try my best to keep in touch with you all in the "outside world". Have a great summer!
                            • Stacey Maupin Torres
                              Stacey Maupin Torres
                              Welcome to our family!
                              • judee
                                I am glad I joined.
                                I am loving all the recipes. Its a fabulous group.
                                • John Spottiswood
                                  John Spottiswood
                                  Glad you joined Judee. I hope you enjoy the recipes here and I look forward to trying some of your favorites!
                                  • Sanjay Patel
                                    Sanjay Patel
                                    Hi Judee, thank you for your kind comments, the vegetarian lifestyle is becoming more & more popular and there are excellent benefits to it. I am a physician who specializes in weight loss and optimal health. I teach my patients to pursue better nutrition and to be more active to improve their quality of life. I am always looking out for great, nutritious vegetarian recipes and will check out some of yours. All the best and bon appetit!....
                                    • Michelle M
                                      Michelle M
                                      Thanks for following me! I'm going to follow through google too.
                                      • judee
                                        It is good to meet you too. Thanks for following. I will look forward to going to your profile and
                                        following you back . Looking forward to sharing recipes.
                                        • Purabi Naha
                                          Purabi Naha
                                          Hi. Glad to meet you here. I am an Indian living in Hong Kong and maintaining a food blog Hope you will like it and follow me back! Hoping to learn and share so many recipes with you!
                                          • Claudia lamascolo
                                            Claudia lamascolo
                                            thanks for your comment on grandma's cookies!
                                            • Amos Miller
                                              Amos Miller
                                              I am very glad that you found my recipe. It is an exceptionally good cornbread recipe, Judee. I have made purely vegetarian versions of this recipe. I would suggest that you use a light olive oil for the shortening, and that you soak about 2 Tbs of a soy substitute for the bacon (like 'bacon-bits') in the oil very first thing. And now that we have connected on CES, we can trade some ideas, Judee.
                                              • judee
                                                Thanks for the vegetarian suggestions. I'll let you know how it comes out..
                                                • Amos Miller
                                                  Amos Miller
                                                  Hi, Judee - did you ever make my cornbread recipe? Just wondering... A 1/2 C of GF flour is perfect - King Arthur or Domata are great. best regards & Happy New Year!

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