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About me

FOOD is always in my thoughts and conversations.
"Food should be: visually pleasing...tasty...delicious...memorable."

Once upon a time...Claudia's FOODESSA...a Food Fairy Countessa...gloriously came to life.
She was created out of pure delight and a desperate need for distraction. was time to share my kitchen's heart with others.

I consider myself fortunate to be both of Italian origins and given birth in the city of Montreal, Canada.
Excitement and creativity run very high throughout this city's vivacious melting pot.
My flavour for life is the extension of this generously inspiring city.

Accomplishing what seems at times impossible has defined my ongoing need to open my heart to all possibilities when I least expect them.

Throughout my professional venues, I have led myself through the paths of:
Interior design, Fashion, Travel...and later towards having my own Bed and Breakfast.

My primary hobbies: photography, painting, gardening...have kept me very busy and gratefully out of trouble.

So...what experience do I hold in the kitchen?
Well, after having made ‘lasagna’ sheets with mom at the age of five...I pretty much never looked back from that very pivotal moment.

Sometimes you would think I was born with a spatula in one hand... and all else to do with cooking and baking in the other hand.

Not many moments come close to the excitement I feel when I succeed a difficult recipe.
Especially, if the recipe happens to become a product of a re-created popular recipe.

However, what exhilarates me the when I have originated a recipe of my very own with great triumph. I a good cook? Heck...yes!
However, admittedly, some not so great meals have been forcefully eaten at our table.
Remember...waste not!

Am I a good baker?
Well...I would like to believe that I am ;o)
However, with a little more practice and many calories later...I will hopefully one day grace that line-up of great bakers I admire.

I am looking forward to sharing what I experience and create, just as much as learning from you will surely inspire a continued journey.

Here's to more insight towards a...

It will be most interesting to see how many persons share my sentiment.
Wishing you all the very best and flavourful wishes,
Claudia {Foodessa}

Cooking Influences

Throughout my very young Mommy and my 'Nonna' were my inspirational encouragement to experiment in the kitchen.

I later realized what a pleasure it was to share invented dishes and desserts with friends and family.

Food based shows and cookbooks are usually only a starting point to get me going in my own little culinary world.


  • Treat and Trick
    Treat and Trick
    Hi Claudia...I'm following you, looking forward to share our kitchens and great food. Would appreciate your visit and rate my recipes. Happy Sunday!
    • Lisa Ray
      Lisa Ray
      Oh my gosh! You amongst others have been such a relief to me! Thought I had a problem... I'm obsessed with cooking. I study menus on urbanspoon, daily. I've been in the restaurant business in varying positions for almost 30 years. Home cooking seems to be what people fall back on time and time again. I appreciate new challenges and testing them out on my entourage of foodies. Very much looking forward to viewing your recipes and trying them matched with your enthusiasm for posting them!
      • Little Housewife
        Little Housewife
        Hi there dear Foodessa,
        Its a real honor to be here. I love it! Only wish I had more time to be around. Hah, If I only knew about your records! I'm glad though that you made some space in the kitchen because I love your recipes and can't wait for more to come. I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow, so I'll definitely pick something and let you know how it worked out for me. Wishing you all the best and loads of smile! :)
        • unhip squirrel
          unhip squirrel
          Thanks for the warm welcome! I look forward to reading about and experimenting with what you post here. :)
          • Martha A. Cheves
            Martha A. Cheves
            You sound like me. I love to talk about food!
            • sunil k.nayar
              sunil k.nayar
              thank you for your friendship, you are the first person who become a friend of mine. thanks once again.sunil
              • paul john
                paul john
                hi iam paul will like to learn some great thing from you i
                • Purabi Naha
                  Purabi Naha
                  Hi. Glad to meet you here. I am an Indian living in Hong Kong and maintaining a food blog Hope you will like it and follow me back! Hoping to learn and share so many recipes with you!
                  • judee
                    I'm following you and am looking forward to trying some of your recipes. There are so many that you fabulous.the TiraMiSù Galliano LEMON special is on the agenda for this weekend.
                    • Jeannie Maristela
                      Jeannie Maristela

                      Thank you for welcoming me to your group and following me back. I truly appreciate it! :)

                      I too am looking forward to share our kitchens and share great food. Best Wishes! :)
                      • Pretend Chef
                        Pretend Chef
                        Your eggs benedict recipes look mouth watering! Found you through the Breakfast Club.
                        • ChaCha Can Cook
                          ChaCha Can Cook
                          Thanks for the GF recipes!
                          • Cheap Ethnic Eatz
                            Cheap Ethnic Eatz
                            Thank you so much Claudia for introducing me to this site again and for your welcome message.

                            Looking forward to exploring this site

                            Cheers, Evelyne xoxoxo
                            • Princess Kahani
                              Princess Kahani
                              do you want to be friends
                              • Barbara
                                Hi Foodessa thank you so much for taking the time to read my recipe as well as place a comment...
                                • M.Sweaney
                                  Hello Foodessa , thank you for the welcome :D
                                  • Nanette
                                    Hi there..would you know why not all of the groups that I joined are not included in "my groups", even the one I created, Porky Pig. Thanks for any help. N
                                    • Foodessa
                                      Hello Nanette...sorry to read about your cyber frustrations. I totally understand...I've had more than my share.
                                      As far as your particular enquiry, I would highly suggest that you address CES directly. They will get back to you fairly quickly (usually no longer than 2 days). Just go to bottom right hand side of the HOME page and click on the FEEDBACK link.
                                      Hope this helps you. Good luck and looking forward to exchanging recipes with you soon ;o)

                                      Flavourful wishes,
                                    • Foodessa
                            're so welcome and we certainly will have plenty of chances to learn from each other. This is a great place to exchange ideas from our kitchens ;o)

                                      Have a great day and flavourful wishes,
                                      • lorejae
                                        Hi Foodessa, thank you for accepting my friendship request. I love to cook and bake and with the holidays, coming on, I would like to try some new recipes. I am new to this site, so am looking forward to trying new recipes, and making friends. LoreJae
                                        • Barbara
                                          Thank you for your acceptance and following me. I’m fairly new as a member and I would like to say thank you for sharing all your recipes. Baking is something I truly enjoy and hopefully I too will be sharing good tasting desserts filled with passion and everlasting scrumptious taste.

                                          Again, thank you.

                                          • Foodessa
                                            Hello very nice of you to write.
                                            Being new to all this is opens the door to great surprises and exchanges.

                                            Looking forward to reading about your kitchen creations too ;o)

                                            Ciao for now and flavourful wishes,
                                          • Christine Ho
                                            Christine Ho
                                            Hi Foodessa,
                                            Thank you for dropping by and leaving lovely message.
                                            • Becky Rosenthal
                                              Becky Rosenthal
                                              Claudia, thanks for your note! I look forward to exploring your blog more. The ricotta pancakes looked heavenly!
                                              • chinkee deasis
                                                chinkee deasis
                                                You are a great chef!..As always experience is the best teacher and getting interested with foods and cooking at such an early age gives you all the good qualities of being an expert!I have high regards of your creativeness in food.I hope to be in touch with your cooking.Have a nice day!
                                                • Manju Nair
                                                  Manju Nair
                                                  Thanks a lot Claudia for those wonderful and flavourful wishes about my Oven roasted chicken :-)
                                                  You must definitely try it !

                                                  • Foodessa
                                                    Hi John...well since I've peaked your interest...I thought I'd better not make you wait too long ;o)
                                                    The Sicilian eggplant was my very favourite until I met this little beauty called: 'Listada De Gandia' a.k.a. graffiti eggplant. Here in Quebec...the farmers call it the 'Bi-Color'. It has beautiful white and violet stripes.
                                                    This variety originated apparently in Spain. I used it a few times already and find it extremely versatile. Very different than the 'Black beauty' type.
                                                    Hope you can find some in your parts of town...because I think there still might be a few left over in the warmer regions ;o)
                                                    Thanks for your interest.

                                                    Flavourful wishes,

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