Erin S
Erin S
A mom who loves to cook and bake!
Robins, United States
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About me

I am stay at home mom who loves to cook! I like to try to make things that are healthy but don't taste that way. We have 3 very picky eaters in this house, so sometimes it can be a challenge. I love to try new recipes, and experiment with food! Check out my blog Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts for what I have been cooking lately.

Cooking Influences

I will never claim to be a chef. I am an at home cook, and proud of it. I love watching the Food Network, reading magazines, and cookbooks to get ideas. My brother went to culinary school, so he has taught me a few things. But really, I just like to try new recipes that I find everywhere!


  • myra byanka
    myra byanka
    Good to hook up.

    You're a salad dressing fan, like me.

    Always love a salad!

    • myra byanka
      myra byanka

      Happened across your nutella recipes, but saw other things and posted some to my groups.

      You seem more than an intermediate cook, but I look forward to trying your recipes.


      Myra Byanka
      • Winelady Cooks
        Winelady Cooks
        Hi Erin, Thanks for following me. I look forward to sharing recipes. I love easy recipes and dessert.

        • Bob Vincent
          Bob Vincent
          Hi Erin:
          Thanks for following me. I have browsed your recipes on several occasions. You must have some dessert eaters at your house with all those dessert recipes and great photographs. When our grandkids are here on a visit I become a dessert baker. My wife and I need to be careful on desserts and calories at our age; but I do love baking when I have someone to enjoy it. I look forward to seeing more posts from you. I like the looks of your cilantro vinagrette.

          Best Regards,

          • Comfy Cook
            Comfy Cook
            Thanks for adding me. I am off to check your blog and I am happy to have added you.
          • unhip squirrel
            unhip squirrel
            Thanks for the add - great blog!

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