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Drick Perry
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About me

Cooking is second nature to me and my passion features Gulf Coast seafood. I like the simple pleasures of home-style meals, the love of local Creole & Cajun food and my enjoyment of Mexican and Western style cooking. Oh, and I love outdoor cooking, not just to past time, but 'cause it's a southern tradition.

Cooking Influences

Licking spoons and bowls made me appreciate good, home made cooking. Living in a small town during my youth, growing up on a farm and appreciating the hard work of family made me who I am today. My mother, grandmother and our cooks are a few of the people who taught me to understand the significance of eating good, homespun foods.


  • ShaleeDP
    looking forward to trying your recipes myself :)
    • Martha A. Cheves
      Martha A. Cheves
      It's never too late to receive a good recipe. Thanks for the 'fried' grits and shrimp.
      • Organic Cocktail Recipes
        Organic Cocktail Recipes
        Hello there. I've started following you. Look forward to tasting some of your Cajun-themed recipes!
        • Guilt Free Cuisine by Fergyhun
          Guilt Free Cuisine by Fergyhun
          Hi Drick - I love your take on Southern cooking. I'm in Alabama too and one of the best things about moving here is the great fresh Gulf seafood. I look forward to following your recipes!!
          • Martha A. Cheves
            Martha A. Cheves
            I'm looking for a recipe for Shrimp & Grits where the grits are actually fried before adding the sauce and shrimp. Any ideas?
            • Drick Perry
              Drick Perry
              Martha, I am so sorry I just found this in my CES message box... I know it is too late but here is how I have fried cakes made from grits in the past....
              hope you will still try it.....
              • ginga linga
                ginga linga
                OMG He replied B======D
                Martha gurl you still there?
            • Evelyn Scott
              Evelyn Scott
              Welcome to CES,glad you liked my Shrimp Risotto recipe,hope we can share many more tasty recipes between us.........................Ev
              • Purabi Naha
                Purabi Naha
                Hi, I am your new follower. Please follow me back and visit my Indian food blog on some unusual curries at
                • Nanette
                  Hi Drick: My latest post is an adaptation of your White Chili. I give you kudos and a link to your blog. Hope you enjoy the read. N
                  • Sara
                    I am new here I want to learn from you all about cooking food
                    • Amos Miller
                      Amos Miller
                      Drick - I really like your take on food and you have some awesome recipes. I also have a deep appreciation for Creole and Cajun dishes, Southwestern and real Mexican food -Rick Bayless is a kitchen god to me because he exudes love for the cuisine, history and tradition of the cuisine. I hope we can share some thoughts - best regards - Amos
                      • Nanette
                        Thanks for joining Porky Pig...I appreciate it. I just know you'll have lots of great pork recipes to share. Looking forward to trying them. N
                        • Nanette
                          Drick: Love, love. love your recipes as well as your blog which I'm following. Fortunately, NY has many fine seafood markets, so I can always get fresh fish. I have to make the artichoke and shrimp recipe I found on your site. Thanks for sharing. N
                          • Ethel Powers
                            Ethel Powers
                            Hi Drick. Thanks for joining the group. I can't wait to visit your recipes but have to run to the store. I am making butternut squash soup today and not an onion anywhere in the house. :)
                            • Micheline
                              Greetings from Québec, looking forward to trying some of your recipes my friend.
                              • Robert-Gilles Martineau
                                Robert-Gilles Martineau
                                Dear Drick!
                                Greetings again from Shizuoka, Japan!
                                Good to meet you again in a new "crowd"!
                                • Rose Gianopoulos
                                  Rose Gianopoulos
                                  Hi Friend, Nice to see you here. Rosie
                                  • Winelady Cooks
                                    Winelady Cooks
                                    Hi Drick, Happy to meet up with you here.
                                    • Drick Perry
                                      Drick Perry
                                      hey yourself....trying to keep up with you guys...
                                      • Yvonne Vallier
                                        Yvonne Vallier
                                        Had to find you! I have to take this opportunity to tell you, thank you for being the kindest, talented individual I’ve ever met. You made a big difference for me in my life. You’ve always used empathy. So happy you were in my life!
                                        • ginga linga
                                          ginga linga
                                          The reunion we didn't know ne weeded
                                      • Ryan Boudreaux
                                        Ryan Boudreaux
                                        Hey there Drick!

                                      • Frank Fariello
                                        Frank Fariello
                                        Glad to see you here! Welcome!
                                        • Claudia lamascolo
                                          Claudia lamascolo
                                          Great to see you here my friend! Welcome!!!!!

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