Claudia lamascolo
Claudia lamascolo
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Melbourne, Florida, FL (United States)
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About me

In 2009 I started out wanting to leave my kids the family recipe secrets.Then it became a passion to share with everyone and my blog was born What's Cookin' Italian Style Cuisine. My goal is to share the years of tested and enjoyed family traditional recipes with whomever shares the same passions as we do. Italian food has the same goal. Feed everyone that sits at your table, keep the family and friends fed and happy, and enjoy good conversation with everyone while eating with them! My hope is for you to find out of hundreds of shared recipes, one, that you will cherish and share with your family. From our house to yours, may you have many blessings and fine foods on your table!
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Cooking Influences

Wow influences? Everyone in my family has had an influence on me, grandma, mom, dad, brothers, all cooks! All they had to do is say they loved something, I would instantly be experimenting in the kitchen on how to recreate that recipe to their liking. Mom and Dad couldn't beleive it, one day at 11 yrs old, they came home from work with dinner on the table, no lie. Spanish rice, burnt pork chops and brownies. Two out of three's not bad!

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  • Karmel
    You are my favorite Italian cook :)-
  •  "Cheffie Cooks"
    "Cheffie Cooks"
    Hello Claudia-Lovely Chef write up! I enjoyed reading! Cheryl "Cheffie Cooks" Wiser.
    •  "Cheffie Cooks"
      "Cheffie Cooks"
      Hello Claudia-Nice to meet you-Thanks for the follow and I look forward in following you as well. Oh I love Melbourne Beach! We are only about 2 + hours from each other on the Coast. Yay for Florida! Cheryl "Cheffie Cooks" Wiser.
      • Elaine
        I believe people are spiritually connected and the best way to recognize this connection is to look at your personal patterns, events in life, things and people that have been or are important to you. TConnection is not limited to these three things alone. There comes a time when we can right our wrongs or our ways and our friends are those whom often help us through connections that we do not even know exist until we share and connect the dots in our life. Claudia our paths are connected and I am grateful to have you as a friend. Your recipes are awesome!
        • Claudia lamascolo
          Claudia lamascolo
          thank you for your kind words
        • J. Gino Genovesi
          J. Gino Genovesi
          Claudia. You have so many good recipes that it is hard to just look at one. J. Gino Genovesi
          • Claudia lamascolo
            Claudia lamascolo
            very appreciative or your kindness
          •  Ngozi Chinyere Johnson
            Ngozi Chinyere Johnson
            • J. Gino Genovesi
              J. Gino Genovesi
              Claudia. Thanks for sending acknowledgment of my recipe "Ciamelli". You will find them quite tasty. I enjoy them at Holidays, when the family is home and we want a chewy bread with the meal. The are great with spaghetti. J. Gino Genovesi
              • Nazzareno Casha

                You area great chef, KEEP IT UP I wish more success in your work.
                • Joan
                  Thank you so much for all the invites. Appreciate it. Looking forward to trying new recipes.
                  • lavinia rodriguez
                    im totally phyched and ready to try some great italian family are going to love them i know it
                    • Anna Boot
                      Anna Boot
                      • Butch M
                        Butch M
                        Hi there after living in Chicago for ten years I too have come to love Italian cooking and culture
                        • alaafared
                          This is an excellent site.Will learn about other cultures through food from East and West
                          • cliff mcelfresh
                            cliff mcelfresh
                            • Chef Roach
                              Chef Roach
                              Hi Claudia. I just browsed a lot of your recipes and I will be spending a lot of time going through them all. By the way I love the picture of the family in 1937. That is awesome. I'm certainly not the cook you are but I really enjoy cooking a meal and sharing it with family or anyone brave enough to try it. You have a lot of really neat recipes. Keep posting and thanks for sharing with all of us.
                              • Barbara Cowart
                                Barbara Cowart
                                I can hardly wait to try some of your recipes. You are awesome to share such wonderful family recipes!
                                • Patrick Waltinger
                                  Patrick Waltinger
                                  this is what i did with my kids
                                  • Claudia lamascolo
                                    Claudia lamascolo
                                    AWESOME PATRICK!
                                  • christine
                                    I'm new and found your recipes! They look so delicious, I'm hungry already.
                                    • K. Garner
                                      K. Garner
                                      Dear Claudia,
                                      I have a question about a recipe I made thirty years ago but which I cannot find. My parents had gone over seas and were returning home, and I made a big meal for them to welcome them back. It was May. Here's the really weird thing that I'm sure of. The recipe came out of The National Enquirer magazine. Yep. So this is a long shot, mainly because of my memory. I think I'm remembering that it was a layered Italian concoction. What was unusual was that it had grapes in it. I remember making this the summer after 8th grade, 1982. Based on your knowledge of Italian food, have you any idea what this recipe might have been? Thank you!!!
                                      • Jennifer
                                        I've been following you since day 1 when i joined and it's funny how now i finally read your profile. I'm moving to florida soon so i can't wait to start cooking and reviewing some of your recipes :) keep up the good work.
                                        • Claudia lamascolo
                                          Claudia lamascolo
                                          AWE(BLUSHING) thanks Jennifer so sweet for you to take the time to write! Where abouts are you moving? I am in central Florida near the Space Coast~ keep in touch love to hear your reviews.. you can email me anytime listed on my blog page :) xo
                                        • Richard Blaine
                                          Richard Blaine
                                          Your Sea Scallop Insalta Caprese looks absolutely DELICIOUS!
                                          • Claudia lamascolo
                                            Claudia lamascolo
                                            thanks Richard!
                                          • TIM-low and slow b b q-WILLIAMS
                                            TIM-low and slow b b q-WILLIAMS
                                            always wanted to cook italian dishes. besides my texas b b q and louisiana's cajun cuisine, italian is close to my favorites. mexican dishes are a staple in texas house holds also. love fettucini, ravioli, pasta dishes. fresh and full of color and taste. since i was little, i enjoyed the many varieties of italian food. i ate italian food so much my mom said i was italian. im not tho, i am an native american who enjoys great cuisine. hopefully with your experience, guidance, and recipes, i can achieve quality dishes of italian cuisine. I LOVE THIS SITE.
                                            • Pauline Pate
                                              Pauline Pate
                                              Ciao Claudia. Thank you for adding me to your friends list. I can't wait to try your recipes, they look wonderful.
                                              • Bharat Sharma
                                                Bharat Sharma
                                                hi chef, i am a hotelier in india, and work for a restaurant in five star hotel, but now i am thinking to open my own restaurant, the restaurant with a unique food concept which is going to target the youngsters, the food which is easy to cook and serve like fast food, can you please give some ideas what type of food would be the best.

                                                and all of the readers can also give their ideas, ideas are most welcome
                                                • Claudia lamascolo
                                                  Claudia lamascolo
                                                  thank you!
                                                • William Crawford
                                                  William Crawford
                                                  everything about you is incredible!

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