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Catherine Pappas
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About me

I am Catherine Pappas, author of the blog 'Living the Gourmet.' I enjoy creating new dishes and sharing them with the ones I love. I share my recipes with you, so that you may do the same.

Cooking Influences

My Mom and Dad


  • kathy
    I was looking for boneless chicken breast recipes and when I came across yours I lost my appetite it looks nasty need to take it off
    • JessicaSpeLangm
      There's no reason to be mean. If you don't like the recipe, move on to the next one.
    • J. Gino Genovesi
      J. Gino Genovesi
      Nice work. J. Gino
    • Gail Burack
      Thank you Catherine! It will a pleasure trying new recipes. I hope you will enjoy mine as well.
      • Nazzareno Casha
        Good morning, Catherine from Malta I am looking forward to your brilliant recipes. I you like I can send you some of my traditional Maltese recipes just tell me where I can upload these recipes.
        • Risa Jane
          Risa Jane
          Hello Catherine,
          Thank you for invited me to your group!
          • TinaH.
            Hi Catherine,
            Just signed up to this website. I see your last name is Pappas. Sounds Greek to me. Which I am also. I would like get easy French pastries recipes.
            • Aparna Anurag
              Aparna Anurag
              hi, i am very happy to be in you network, i love cooking and having passion for cookin i m from India but live in USA and running one blog on Food to see you soon.
              hv a nyc day :-)
              • Salad Foodie
                Salad Foodie
                Glad you're back, Catherine. You have been missed, and I'm looking forward to seeing your posts again.
                • rehanasheikh
                  hai catherine,nice meeting, a great chef like u. pls,keep in touch.
                  • Ol'Chicago
                    Hi Catherine, I have really enjoyed looking over and trying your recipes, you are a resourceful and imaginative chef, sound shortcuts when their possible, from quick satisfying meals to complex preparation, it has been my privilege and pleasure to "look over your shoulder"
                    thank you.
                    • rebecca Horton
                      rebecca Horton
                      i am going to start with you.
                      • Dena
                        Hello Catherine I just added u to follow .. as I saw you amongst the Top Chef's on here looking forward to looking through your recipes!!! ..sometime I hope to add some of mine! working at home as a caregiver to my daughter does not give me much free time.. but I have some favorites I'd like to share on this great recipe site..Thank-you for your work I'm about to look into!!! Dena Western Canada :)
                        • Catherine Pappas
                          Catherine Pappas
                          Dear Dena, Thannk you for your kind words. I look forward to sharing recipes with you as well. If you are interested, I have a few foodie groups on this site and I would love to invite. If you have any recipes you would like to add feel is also a wonderful way to meet new cooks/chefs. Blessings to you, Catherine
                        • Swapna Chandran Dinesh
                          Swapna Chandran Dinesh
                          I love your blog and the recipes..
                          • Catherine Pappas
                            Catherine Pappas
                            Thank you, Swapa, you are very kind. Blessings~
                          • connie
                            I always look forward to checking my email for your recipes. I love the variety. Wonderful, flavorful dishes! Thank you so much!!
                            • Catherine Pappas
                              Catherine Pappas
                              Dear Connie, Thank you so, so much...that means the world to me! As you can tell, I am a regular contributor to the site so there is always something new to share. Blessings to you!
                            • Sutapa Ghosh
                              Sutapa Ghosh
                              Hi Catherine,
                              Thanks for the invite. Lovely group and wonderful theme!
                              Keep up the good job we friends are with you dear!:)
                              • Catherine Pappas
                                Catherine Pappas

                                Dear Sutapa, Thank you for being a part of the group. Thank you for kind words. Blessings my dearest friend, Catherine
                              • myra byanka
                                myra byanka

                                Have added new group "Vegetables." Will send some of your wonderful recipes there.

                                Myra Byanka
                                • cheryl mc coy
                                  cheryl mc coy
                                  Hi Catherine do u have a recipe for Greek apple cake....i lost mine!
                                  thnaks cheryl.
                                  • Winelady Cooks
                                    Winelady Cooks
                                    Hi Catherine, thank you so much for inviting me to your group Spice It Up. I look forward to sharing with everyone.

                                    • Risa Jane
                                      Risa Jane
                                      Hi Catherine,
                                      Thank you for invited me to Spice it up. I was so happy!!
                                      • Catherine Pappas
                                        Catherine Pappas
                                        Thank you for accepting the invite, Risa!! I too am happy to have you a part of the group! Blessings~
                                      • myra byanka
                                        myra byanka

                                        I lived in Athens in the early seventies. I loved pork souvlaki and horiatiki. Will look at your recipes this week.


                                        • Catherine Pappas
                                          Catherine Pappas
                                          Thank you, Myra!!! Do enjoy my recipes...Blessings~
                                        • judee
                                          Thanks for the invite to the group Spice it Up . I just joined and added my Moroccan Spiced Carrot Soup!
                                          • Catherine Pappas
                                            Catherine Pappas
                                            Thank you, Judee!!! I am glad to have you in the group! Blessings my friend~
                                          • Judit Hogya Demcsak
                                            Judit Hogya Demcsak
                                            Hello Catherine!
                                            I am very pleased to meet you!
                                            I looked and all your recipes are wonderful and delicious!
                                            Grazie mille! Buona serata!
                                            • Catherine Pappas
                                              Catherine Pappas
                                              Dear Judit, I am so pleased to hear that...thank you so much. I hope you enjoy my recipes! Blessings dear one~
                                            • Malli
                                              Hello Catherine
                                              I am delighted to follow you here and always look forward to your brilliant foodie creations!!
                                              • alma cruz
                                                alma cruz
                                                please accept me as your follower... i want to learn more especially in baking thank you....
                                                • Pat Hinkel
                                                  Pat Hinkel
                                                  Great to meet you. Look forward to following your blog.

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