Amos Miller
Amos Miller
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Cassopolis MI, MI (United States)
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About me

I have eaten and cooked almost every cuisine around the Mediterranean and the adventure continues. I am more to the 'comfort food' (with a touch of fusion) side of the kitchen than the molecular gastronomy or haute cuisine side.

As a Research Chef, I experiment with, and spin off of great approaches to the tried and true recipes I find, working to incorporate as many elements as possible from my tidy piece of paradise in Michigan - Walnut Ridge Farm - into products for Walnut Ridge Farm Foods, Inc.

My line of unique and exciting condiments - SouthWest Brand Pepper Sauces - is on the market. Email me to learn more at [email protected] and at I'd love to hear from you!

For me, food is a special dialect - the language of it's people.

We nourish, sustain, excite, stimulate and bring joy into the world by our efforts in the kitchen and by sharing the fruits (vegetables and meats) of our labors.

My motto is: "cooking well is it's own reward".
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Cooking Influences

Paula Wolfert, Jacques Pepin, Wolfgang Puck, Alice Waters, Thomas Keller, Gordon Ramsay, Daniel Boulud, Tom Collichio, Austin Leslie, Pack Wong, Amanda Freitag, my West Virginia and Texas roots, and my Dad, Bill.

Awards, Honors and Societies

American Culinary Federation (ACF);
Research Chefs Association (RCA);
Personal & Private Chef Association (PCA);
National Restaurant Association (NRA);
Michigan Restaurant Association (MRA);
Slow Food USA

Additional Services

Research Chef, Personal Chef, Special Event Chef, Consultant


  • Nancy c
    Nancy c
    Hello Amos,My wonderful adopted mother would make a Swedish breaded bread that had cardamom crushed seeds that made the most wonderful taste and smell.Looking for any "OLD"recipes since Mama was born 1894 so looking for handed down info.Thanks for help.
    • Martha A. Cheves
      Martha A. Cheves
      Just in case this message didn't go through I'm adding it here. Thanks.

      Amos!!!! You're a man after my own heart! I would love to have the cookbooks. If you'll lend me a bill I'll even pay for them and shipping. Here is my address
      Martha A Cheves
      4768 Old Lantern Way
      Charlotte, NC 28212

      I started working on Think With Your Taste Buds - Chicken but decided to let the readers have the recipes for free so I list them on my site. When time permits I want to do TWYTB - Pork, etc.

      Again thank you!!!!

      • Theresa Michalowski
        Theresa Michalowski
        Merry Christmas Amos!
        • Jay Burnett
          Jay Burnett
          I was interested to see g your quote from Clementine Paddleford, I've just finished reading a book about her that I acquired at a church sale. Had never heard of her - and as a dedicated foodie and recipe book\collector could not help but wonder why. I am , after all, 75 years old.
          • Nazzareno Casha
            Good morning, Amos.I look forward to trying some of your recipes! If you like to share some of my Maltese traditional recipes just send me a message.

            • Amos Miller
              Amos Miller
              I would love you have you share some of your favorite Maltese recipes.! If you want to-mail them to me, send them to [email protected] Sorry I am so late in responding, but I want you to know I deeply appreciate your offer and hope we might stay connected. best regards!
            • Princess Kahani
              Princess Kahani
              Your Ultimate Carrot Cake Recipe was the best that I have ever had. Also thank you for the nice comment that you put on my page. It was really nice. I am hopping to be adding some more recipes soon. So come and see in a week what new foods that I have! - Samantha Howard
              • Grace Daklah
                Grace Daklah
                Very Nice of you from gdaklah @ yahoo . com
                • Chetana Suvarna Ganatra
                  Chetana Suvarna Ganatra
                  Chef Amos, I just came across your meyer lemon marmalade and boy it made me drool. I am a lover of citrusy (if there is any such word) home-made marmalade...thanks for sharing.
                  Will try and message you soon (only if I manage to get meyer lemons at this time of the year)
                  • Cecelia Heer
                    Cecelia Heer
                    Great recipes, Chef.
                    I really enjoy reading your recipes and how you illustrate preping and executing them.
                    How did you get the photos to show up step-by-step for individual recipes? I didn't see any special instructions on how to do this via CES.
                    • Amos Miller
                      Amos Miller
                      Hi, Cecelia - I feel compelled to respond to a woman wielding two cleavers! Regarding the photos, there were no instructions, per se, for adding them - when I posted a recipe I added the first photo with the posting. Then when the recipe is published, I just clicked on the 'add a photo' under that first one and found I could add three at a time, then caption each one and re-publish. You can post none, 1, or as many as you wish that way. Let me know if this helps. And it is great to connect with you and communicate - I hope we can continue! best regards, Amos
                      • Cecelia Heer
                        Cecelia Heer
                        Thank you, Chef Amos, for your response. I will certainly try this. I'm "tech-nav-vy rather than tech sav-vy" ... but I can cook fish! : ) ... Looking forward to more of your recipes. Thanks, again, Cecelia
                    • myra byanka
                      myra byanka

                      Nice of you to join my blog. Have already put several of your recipes in my recipe box.

                      • Jed Gibbons
                        Jed Gibbons
                        I was reading about the German Rye Bread you reviewed. My oven really sucks in this place and it only heats to 450. I think the thermometer is going sometimes. I would love to back into baking bred as its been years. This sounds like a good one.
                        • Jed Gibbons
                          Jed Gibbons
                          I found that the second method of boiling an egg works great. The yoks are always done just right and no ring around the yolk. Thanks
                          • Stephanie
                            Found you, Amos! Glad I can follow your recipes. :)
                            • Amos Miller
                              Amos Miller
                              And I am delighted to be found! Stay in touch if you have any questions or you need a recommendation, and I'll try to help. Join 'Groups' and have fun - this is a great resource and an a culinary adventure just to prowl around, checking out all the very good recipes.
                            • annie
                              Hi amos are you celebrating mari gars
                              • Phyllis Smith
                                Phyllis Smith
                                I haven't cooked anything Ethiopian in over a year, but I will again eventually. And when I do I'll post a recipe or two. I have only made Injera twice, once successfully. The second time we had to rush out and get Na'an to sub.
                                • Organic Cocktail Recipes
                                  Organic Cocktail Recipes
                                  Been following your desert recipes. My favorite is the carrot cake. Thanks so much for sharing.

                                  Jenny from
                                  • Amos Miller
                                    Amos Miller
                                    The nice thing is that bruising is not an issue with garlic, so the violent shaking has absolutely no effect except to get one of the kitchen's time-consuming tasks out of the way. However, I urge that you NOT attempt this with your blanched tomatoes...
                                    • Jed Gibbons
                                      Jed Gibbons
                                      Sort of like Shaken Garlic Syndrome??? That Garlic trick is so cool. I'm gonna try that! For someone to come up with that it must have taken someone pretty fed up and teed off and finally just shook he s--- out of the garlic.
                                      • Amos Miller
                                        Amos Miller
                                        The nice thing is that bruising is not an issue with garlic, so the violent shaking has absolutely no effect except to get one of the kitchen's time-consuming tasks out of the way. However, I urge that you NOT attempt this with your blanched tomatoes...
                                      • Smokinhotchef
                                        I am incredibly honored that that you decided to give my site a gander. You encompass all the aspects of being at the top of one's game and doing it well. Thank you and I look forward to chatting with and learning from you. You are like a guardian mentor to me.
                                        • Amos Miller
                                          Amos Miller
                                          Hi, Smokin' - Thanks very much. And I'm sure you will find a great number of members who will also be very happy to help you in every way they can. We also look forward to learning from you, so don't be afraid to test the waters, post something and look for that valuable feedback. Thanks, again. Stay in touch - Amos
                                        • sonny hadden
                                          sonny hadden
                                          You just down the highway from me , I'm new to this forum and to cooking with a pressure cooker. Look forward to different foods.
                                          • Elaine
                                            Good morning, Amos. Hope you're having a great weekend. Thank you for the update regarding the Limpa bread. Take care, and HAPPY COOKING!! :)
                                            • Elaine
                                              I love lentils in soup, Amos, and will definitely make your recipe soon! Have a great day! :)
                                              • Elaine
                                                Good morning, Amos. Thank you for the info on the Limpa bread and I will look that up again to find it! Presently, five residents (in answer to your question) and staff....
                                                Have a great day, and keep well. HAPPY COOKING!! :)
                                                • Elaine
                                                  Hi Amos:
                                                  Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words :)
                                                  I will DEFINITELY try your Limpa Bread. As you know, I love baking different kinds of breads, and making up my own recipes as well, so I will surely try out yours.
                                                  Thank you so much for sharing it, and may God bless you and yours!
                                                  Elaine :)
                                                  • Elaine
                                                    Hi, Amos!! How are you keeping? Long time no see :)
                                                    • Amos Miller
                                                      Amos Miller
                                                      Hi, Chef - All is well and a day closer to Spring! I wish you a very happy and healthy 2012. I am so glad to touch base with you. I assume you are keeping the pot stirred?

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