• Polenta Basic

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    How to make a good basic polenta dish


    • Polenta
    • “Polenta”
    • This time just a recipe
    • With
    • Chef JL Heremans
    • Basic preparation for polenta (8 PERS.)
    • Composition:
    • 4 cup milk
    • 4 cup chicken stock
    • 190 g polenta (maize flour)
    • 100 g butter
    • 50 g ground Parmesan cheese
    • Peper salt (pesa)
    • can optionally one or more of these ingredients and mix it as a taste:
    • one spoonful tomato paste
    • chopped basil
    • finely chopped chives
    • chopped parsley


    1. Polenta
    2. “Polenta”
    3. Preparation:
    4. Bring the chicken stock (fresh water or chicken stock cubes) together with the milk and polenta in a bowl.
    5. Pesa with this herb, and place over medium heat, bring stirring (wooden spoon) to a boil.
    6. As you approach the boiling point, the mass also thicker, always keep stirring. while stirring the seasoning paste update it as well by boiling, continue stirring, then add in this order, the cold lumps of butter to it, then the Parmesan cheese, keep stirring.
    7. At that point the polenta go well detached from the bottom of the kasserol add the desired flavor to it maker (see section optional)
    8. currently is the creamy polenta and ready to consume.
    9. Another possible is just boiling and pour the polenta nicely on a greased bowl, cover with a film ,pour the polenta out of the dish , loosen the edges and inverted to deposit on a cutting board.
    10. To cut the slice polenta into bars, squares or triangles, or insert a round shape.
    11. fry the slices briefly in the tefalpan with a little olive oil, put it in the oven for 5 min, preheated to 180 °,untill beautiful colored and serve.
    12. Bon appetit!

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