• Poaças stuffed pastry. This one has potato.

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    Poaças stuffed pastry. This one has potato.
    Prep: 45 min Cook: 25 min Servings: 18
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    Stuffed pastry.


    • 6 cups of flour.
    • 1 cup of warm milk
    • 1 cup of warm water
    • 1 cup of oil (choice)
    • 1 table spoon sugar
    • 1 table spoon salt
    • 1 table spoon baking powder
    • 2 table spoons dry active yeast


    1. Take the warm water, warm milk, sugar and yeast (mix)
    2. Let it sit for 10 minutes to help activate the yeast then
    3. add the oil.
    4. Take the flour, salt, and baking powder mix with wet ingredients.
    5. Mix with spatula.
    6. Continue by kneading for 10 minutes.
    7. Place in a bowl sprinkle and smooth out the dough with flour on top.
    8. Cover with dish towel and place in warm spot then leave for 30-60 minutes until double the size.
    9. Knead into balls flatten out and stuff with the stuffing of your choice. (this stuffing was made with potato, garlic, onion, salt, pepper, tomato paste, pepper paste and evoo)
    10. Shape Doug into shape of choice.
    11. Use two yolks mixed with oil and brush on" sesame seeds are optional. Whit or black can be used. (I used both)
    12. Bake for 22-28 please note every oven is different. Know your oven.

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