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    php course
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    by sanskar verma
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    PHP course could be an all-purpose scripting language particularly suited to internet development. it was created by Danish-Canadian computer programmer Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. The PHP reference implementation is currently made by The PHP cluster. PHP could be an algorithmic signifier for "PHP: machine-readable text Preprocessor". PHP could be a server-aspect scripting language that's embedded in a markup language. it's accustomed to managing dynamic content, databases, session following, even build entire e-commerce sites. PHP could be a server-aspect scripting language.


    • that's accustomed develop Static websites or Dynamic websites or internet applications. PHP stands for machine-readable text Pre-processor, which earlier stood for private Home Pages.
    • PHP scripts will solely be understood on a server that has PHP put in. Developers hate PHP as a result of it is a technically inconsistent language with a nasty style. once you compare it to alternative languages the distinction is clear. ... it's totally simple to form dangerous and insecure code with PHP.



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