• Make your own Italian cherry wine (visciolato)

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    Make your own Italian cherry wine (visciolato)
    Prep: 15 min Servings: 10
    by chefgonin
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    There are various fruit wines, but especially in Italy develops a very special cherry wine, discover how it works, few know the secret ...


    • 1 kg of pitted cherries
    • 0.5 kg of sugar
    • 1 liter of red wine
    • 0.25 liters of liquor or alcohol (the alcohol sold in the pharmacy is not fit for consumption).


    1. In a glass jar, pitted cherries introduced in layers alternating with sugar coating, glass jar filled to the top.
    2. At the mouth of the jar, put a layer of plastic sealing food use (the one used for wrapping food) and close the jar with the lid. You can use Snap jars are more comfortable and safe.
    3. Place the glass jar in the sun on a terrace, balcony or window, you have to have at least 45 days, try to shake it every day. You will see the transformation.
    4. After the six weeks, proceeds to make your Visner, following the recipe below I indicate.
    5. For every kilo of cherries to the syrup you use, you have to mix with 1 litho of red wine and 1/4 of alcohol, leaving ferment of 5-6 months in a closed container, after this time, crushed cherries and strain it all through a fine sieve (use paper towels to no residue), and you can bottle it, your wine will be ready sweet cherries. I recommend you try it too cold.

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