• Ice Cream Puffs

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    Ice Cream Puffs
    Prep: 10 min Cook: 30 min Servings: 6
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    Ice-cream puffs are a great prepare-ahead dessert loved by kids and adults alike. Our easy-made ice cream puffs have only 5 ingredients. Simple and super delicious!


    • 85 g All purpose flour
    • 40 g Salted butter
    • 40 g Oil
    • 3 pcs Eggs
    • 80 g Water


    1. Prepared all the ingredients, salted butter, oil, water, all purpose flour & eggs.
    2. Pour salted butter, oil and water into the pot.
    3. By using high heat to cook the ingredients until melt and boil, then hold for 10 seconds.
    4. After that, turn to low heat and add all purpose flour. Quickly mix the flour and liquid evenly until the dough is non-stick.
    5. Remove the hot dough into mixing bowl and add the eggs.
    6. Stir the batter evenly, the surface is shiny and smooth.
    7. Move the batter into the piping bag, and then squeeze the batter on the non-stick tray.
    8. Bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes until the surface is golden brown.

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