• Frozen Citrus Bowls ( To Hold Your Sorbet )

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    • 1/2 c. Sugar
    • 1/2 c. Water
    • 2 x Lemons ( 3/4 poundtotal)
    • 2 x Limes(1/2 pound total )
    • 2 x Oranges ( 1 lb total ) Scoops of sorbet (your own Homemade or possibly purchased) Mint sprigs. Served in see-thru bowls These are a beautiful way To serve Sorbets to your Guests.


    1. All you need is a sharp knife to make THIN, even slices of citrus fruits.
    2. ( The recipe has sufficient extra for you to to use the prettiest slices) . Bowls hold well in the freezer, so they can be made a few days ahead. Notes The citrus slices must be thin so they will hold together. To refrigeratethe syrup faster, set pan in a bowl of ice water.
    3. Cooking Time: about 10minutes. Preperation time: About 45 min, plus at least 2-1/2 hrs in the freezer.
    4. Makes 6 citrus bowls.
    5. 1... In a 1-2 quart. pan over high heat, bring water and sugar to boil, stirring ocasionally. Let cold;refrigeratetill cool.
    6. 2... Meanwhile, with a sharp knife, cut lemons, limes and oranges into even-paper-thin ( 1/16-1/8 " thick ) slices.
    7. 3... Line 6 bowls ( 2-2-1/2 " deep , 1-1/2-2 c. size , with plastic wrap.
    8. Using the prettiest pcs, dip the citrus slices in syrup, lift to drain, and overlap to snugly line the bottoms and the sides of the bowls.
    9. 4... Wrap citrus bowls airtight, then freeze till hard. At least 2-1/2 hrs or possibly up to one week.
    10. Working quickly, gently lift frzn citrus bowls from molds, peel off plastic wrap,place each on a dessert plate, and fill with your favorite sorbet.
    11. 5... Serve filled bowls immeadiately ( they keep thier shape only about 15 min ) or possibly return to freezer for up to one hour, then serve. Garnish with mint.

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