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    If you ask anyone what he likes to do in his free time, one of the options will probably be – watch movies. We all like to watch films, series, clips and other videos on our smartphones. Especially on the road, when you have nothing to do, and your smartphone or tablet is fully charged.Thanks to the current state of technologies, you can watch movies anywhere, offline and online, using any device. There are a large number of mobile applications for this. If on Windows and Mac, Popcorn Time is the king in the field of cinema and TV shows in HD and in streaming. On Android, the throne belongs to the ShowBox app.


    • ShowBox is a universal and multiple platform application, which allows users to gain free access to any of the video contents. The best thing is that you may easily use its iOS, Android, PC and FireStick application to gain non-stop access to every type of media you want. These include movies, music, news and several other contents. Besides, the app allows streaming to provide top quality of sound.
    • Features of ShowBox
    • ShowBox App comes with tons of interesting features, which are-
    • Facility to Install at Free of Cost
    • ShowBox application is one of the free to install applications. The app lets users to watch wide range of TV shows and movies online in high-definition and that too without paying any amount.
    • User-Friendly App
    • The app comes as equipped with pool of features. These are start and stop, fast forward and pause while you choose to stream any video according to your preference. However, engineers and app developers categorize it as a user-friendly application because it gives the freedom to watch TV shows, movies and videos without any need to logging in.
    • Operable on Every Type of Device
    • ShowBox App works on Android, IOS, PCs and tablets. However, if you want to use the app on your PC, you have to install BlueStacks, which is a type of Android emulator. Other than this, the application is available easily on Windows 8 Versions and MAC device, while not available in case of Windows XP.


    1. Gives a Time Saving Solution
    2. An interesting aspect of ShowBox is that it collects stream from diverse relevant sources to stream any media, like movies, videos and shows of your choice online. Thus, you will expect to save your valuable time. Moreover, the app has no or relatively less numbers of ads at the time when users stream videos.
    3. High Compilation of Medias
    4. ShowboxApp lets you watching varieties of shows and movies without paying a big amount. Also, you may easily find your favorite movies and shows, while simultaneously, download any video to watch later.
    5. High Definition Movies
    6. According to the screen resolution of your phone device, the app gives the facility to watch different TV shows and movies even in HD i.e. high-definition clarity.
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    8. How ShowBox is Beneficial to You
    9. ShowBox is an ultimate app for both iOS and Android users love to watch videos, TV shows, movies and cartoons online. It provides the easiest way to search any video or movie you willing to see, while gives many other benefits-
    10. Graphical User Interface
    11. The application provides an excellent streaming experience, as you do not require sign up or login for watching your favorite videos online.
    12. Huge Collection of Movies
    13. ShowBox app has a huge library of various popular videos, movies, cartoons and TV programs. Even you may watch any show on almost every device later.
    14. List Contains Media Content of Every Genre
    15. The app provides a huge list consists of many new cartoon-related videos, movies and other programs according to the specific genre, release and ratings.

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