• Custard Creme

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    Custard Creme
    Prep: 5 min Cook: 12 min Servings: 4
    by Amos Miller
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    This is a dessert that knows no bounds! You can just about do anything with a great custard in your dessert repetoire. Use it in a dish with fresh or macerated berries on top, use it as a filling in a pastry or cake, use it in a trifle, a cold pie, to fill a tuille - need I go on? I will anyway... You can add a sorts of flavors to a custard - citrus, liqueurs and fruit reductions, chocolate or coffee to name but a few. So here is a simple recipe for a basic custard creme, which, as it is written, is simply good enough as is. See what you can do with this and listen to the o-o-o-os and ah-ah-hs from your guests. Of course you can substitute elements in this recipe, but I'm giving it to you straight as I make it. Enjoy!


    • 1-1/2 C whole milk
    • 5 egg yolks
    • 1/2 C granulated sugar
    • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
    • 1/4 C your favorite sweet licquer: Gran Marnier, Frangelico, Amaretto, use your imagination


    1. Put a metal bowl into the fridge to chill
    2. Reduce the liqueur in a very small pan until the alcohol is burned off and you have a light syrup
    3. Combine the sugar, egg yolks and vanilla extract in a bowl, and whisk it to a pale yellow. Whisk vigorously as it becomes thick & pale
    4. Gently bring the milk to a boil, taking care not to scald it,
    5. Add the liqueur syrup reduction to the hot milk and whisk it in
    6. Turn the heat to low under the milk
    7. Whisking vigorusly, temper the eggs by gently adding the milk in small spashes to the egg yolk mixture - you don't want to scramble your eggs! When you have about 1/2 the hot milk in the eggs, pour the tempered eggs back into the sauce pan and continue to whisk. You are moving toward a very smooth custard
    8. Let the product cook over low until the custard thickens and will coat the back of a spoon to finish cooking the egg yolks, as you continue to whisk. DO NOT LET THIS BOIL or you'll be throwing away curds! The mixture will be a light yellow custard. Taste it with a spoon. It is good.
    9. Strain through a chinois, fine strainer, or small-holed colander into the cold bowl you first put in the fridge to chill
    10. Refrigerate until ready to serve
    11. Garnish with a couple of berries, a sprig of mint, 3 espresso coffee beans, some chocolate shavings - whatever you like that will play on the liqueur you reduced.

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    • maribeth carson
      maribeth carson
      Another winner with this one Amos! My all time favorite drink is a Buttery Nipple or also known as Bit-o-honey. Basically Butterscotch Schnapps & Bailey’s Irish Cream so I chose to use the schnapps for this recipe. I mixed some rolled oats with butterscotch chips & butter pressed into muffin tins baked then poured this wonderful Custard Crème in each tin. I was sooooo delectable. Thanks for sharing-MB

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