• Curry rice-Karei raisu,vagan.

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    Servings: 4,5
    by kiyoaki kato
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    This is The most favorite Japanese family dish.I made this based on honey-apple flavor. As of the rice portion,Short brown rice is the most mucus-free that is the hearth-yest but The other kind is fine.


    • 4to5servings. 4cups water,1/2 onion,1 carrot,3 potatoes,3 celery sticks,1/2 apple,2Tspn raisins,1/4cup soy protein,11/2Tspn flour,1/4tspn salt,2tspn worcester or burudoggu sauce,2tspn soy sauce,1Tspn honey,2tspn curry powder,1tspn cumin,2Tspn tomato puree,1tspn nutritional yeast,some white pepper. as a rice portion cook 4cups of the your favorite kind .cook rice crunchy .to have a extra texture fly the washed and dried rice in olive oil then cook in water.


    1. cut vegetables in size,fine cut onion ginger garlic,make caramelized onion add ginger garlic,put water to boil,add all vegetables apple salt soy sauce.cook40min. add spice soy protein honey tomato raisins .sift flour to thicken the soup, cook15min add brewers yest and white pepper at last. hint1-use same pan that made onion brown this is good flavor need to keep up with. hint2-to make extra hot poboleno green pepper is great to use.hint3-as a side condiment fukujin-zuke or gari pickled ginger is nice to have. as a rice portion short grain brown is the best choice for mucus-less diet but named short grain is the japanese standard ,,good luck cooking. kiyo

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