• Cremitas de Leche / Light Caramel Milk Cookies

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    Servings: 24 Cookies
    by Gloria Rodriguez
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    Originally from: I did everything right, except, I took them out just a bit too soon. If it's still too gooey, do not lower the flame, get it so that you can see more of the pan when you stir (not just the edges) and that the texture is thick and sticky.


    • 1 can of sweet condensed milk
    • 1 can of whole milk (use can of condensed milk to measure)
    • 1 can of sugar
    • a dash of salt


    1. Mix everything in a tall, non-stick pan (if it's too short, the milk will spill over). Cook on medium heat, stirring continuously. If you stop stirring, the milk at the bottom will cook faster and you'll end up with little chunks of hardened milk within the mixture (which may not be a bad thing, for those who like it, but it's best to let it cook as uniformly as possible). Use a wooden spoon to stir, if possible.
    2. Once you can see the bottom of the pan - not just the sides when you stir - and the mixture is thick and sticky. Tarn off heat and stir quickly in clockwise direction (as if beating the mixture). I'm not certain what this does, but that's what the recipe calls for.
    3. With a small spoon, spoon little balls, or little "cookies" of the mixture over wax paper and let it cool.
    4. If done right, you should be able to pick up the little cookies and bite into them, with a slight crunch. If not done right, they'll be too sticky and never dry - but then, you can eat them like sticky caramel candy, which is still delicious, so nothing goes to waste.
    5. Enjoy. :)

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      John Spottiswood
      Sound good, Gloria. Thanks for sharing!

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